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Contact Us:

Here’s how to contribute your sticky nuggets of creativity to… the Mystery Box!

Whereas this is dedicated to your opinions. It wants them. NEEDS them. It’s waiting.

Embracing Social Media:

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About Interviews and Promotions:

We don’t do interviews in the traditional sense, mostly because we are an awkward number of time zones away from everywhere. No one wants to hear zombies interviewing you about your game/toy/kickstarter/convention/supermonkey, (hereafter to be referred to as the “Thing,”) and I suspect you would rather not be a zombie talking about it.

So this is the process we go through instead:

1/ You tell us about your Thing by email, and we discuss (among ourselves and with you) what the best way to handle your Thing would be. It may be that your Thing is not our sort of thing at all, but we can suggest someone else to talk to. If we can help, we probably will, but there is no guarantee that we can. Bear in mind that we have a buffer, so check our pod-fade ticker (found at the bottom of the menu on the right hand side) and subtract two weeks. That’s the least time it will be till any information about your Thing is on air.

At this point, assuming everyone decides to go ahead, we can do one or both of two things:

2/Go have a look at our How to Play At Home section, and come up with a short pitch that showcases your Thing. You can write it down or record it, and we will talk about it as part of a Bonus Episode, along with other pitches by our Listener. There will be links in the show notes to anything we think is relevant to your pitch, including your Thing.

3/You send us relevant links and a bit about your Thing, and we work up a promo to drop at the end of the next show we edit. If you already have a promo, we will use that if we can.

We look forward to hearing from you. And your Thing.