Some Podcasts You Might Like (Because We Do)

An Actual Play podcast with some very fun people. They told us about QUAGS and we owe them big.

Worldbuilding on a huge scale. These guys lovingly sculpt every detail of a new world every episode, then set it loose for you to go play in.

Some Comics You Might Like:

{Tonya sez: I may not have mentioned these in shows, but I like them so here’s some links}:

Bad Machinery. The latest in a long line of awesome from John Allison. I swear you will find yourself using Allisonisms quite by accident after reading this.

A Redtail’s Dream. Fantastic artwork and a daily update schedule. I have no idea how she does it. In which a spirit fox makes a Huge mistake and cons some human and his dog into cleaning it up.  {This comic is now complete, and Ms. Sundberg is working on another one.}

Skin Horse. A hyper-intelligent talking dog, her zombie, a transvestite shrink and a sentient helicopter work to help people created by Mad Science (tm.)

Questionable Content. Slice of life comic in an understated science fiction world. We may have mentioned this one a couple of times. I know we have character hacks on the Resource page.

Guilded Age. A Fantasy/Sci-Fi comic about games and gamers with a strong Epic feel.

Zombie Roomie. Slice of life, sort of, in an urban fantasy setting. Potty humor abounds, as do cheap gags. Sometimes I need that in a comic. Shut up.

Goblins.  What happens when the wandering monsters decide to take player classes to defend their village? One of the best Epic Fantasy stories I’ve ever read, that’s what.  Have a hanky ready. You have been warned.

Paranatural. A kid moves to a new town and starts to see ghosts. Mystery and Comedy.


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