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Hi folks, this is where we’re going to archive character sheets in different systems, and any other resources we concoct that might be useful to the tabletop RPG community at-large.  If we mention sharing something in the podcast, it’ll wind up in the show notes if it’s something from the wider world, and here if it’s from us.

You’ll need the systems in question in order to make sense of things.  Where we’ve adapted specific modules from one system to another one, you’ll need both the starting module and the system we adapted it to.  Basically, we want to create useful resources, not be a replacement for getting the source material.

We’d be delighted to talk about these if anyone has suggestions or questions.  These are examples of us figuring things out ourselves, so they’re the most current versions of works in progress. Likewise, the comments sections on these pages are good places to make requests for character write-ups, or ask questions about what’s there.

Be warned that these are not pretty character sheets, but they are all the info you’d need to fill one in.

If you see something listed as a bullet point but there’s currently no link, then that’s a signal we are working on it, and it’ll be added later.

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) {Updated on November 16 2013}

Fate Core {Updated on November 16 2013}

Strange Fate (From the Fate edition of The Kerberos Club) {Last Updated on September 08 2013}

Dresden Files RPG {Last Updated on September 08 2013}

Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple {Last Updated on September 08 2013}

Games Wot We Made Our Very Own Selves {Last Updated on April 08 2014}

Transcripts of Play Wot We Made Our Very Own Selves {New! as of November 16 2013}

Atomic Robo RPG {New! But also a Work In Progress, as of December 2014}

More as we create things!

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