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Various members of the Big Red Couch used to have a habit of reviewing RPG titles as we encountered them, and so this is an archive of reviews both old and – as we write more – new. The original dates of publication are listed beside each title, although there will be some tweaks in placing the reviews here. Substantial revisions of original review content will be flagged.

It’s going to be organised in whatever fashion seems most sensible at the time: some books belong to particular game lines and can usefully be grouped together, others share systems even if they’re not made by one publishing company.

If anyone does something particularly odd, there will be a link to a guide for how their reviews work.

Key for following Kev’s reviews.

{Note: Anything not yet a link will fill in over the next while.  Dates from previous years are reviews written for other sites which are being reformatted for WordPress gradually.}

FATE System.
– Dresden Files RPG: Your Story {Review Pending}
– Dresden Files RPG: Our World {Review Pending}
– Bulldogs! {Review Pending}
– Diaspora {Review Pending}

Fate Core
Fate Core {Kev – 18 Nov 2013}
Fate Accelerated Edition {Kev – 17 Nov 2013}
Day After Ragnarok (Fate Core Edition) {Kev – 24 Nov 2013}
Fate System Toolkit {Kev – 20 Jan 2014}
Fate Worlds Volume 1: Worlds on Fire {Kev – 28 Jan 2014}
Fate Worlds Volume 2: Worlds in Shadow {Kev – 02 Feb 2014}

Strange Fate
The Kerberos Club (Fate Edition) {Kev – 19 Sep 2011}
Base Raiders {Kev – 19 Nov 2013}

One Roll Engine System.
– Wild Talents – 2nd Edition Core Rules {Review Pending}
– Progenitor {Review Pending}
– NEMESIS {19 Oct 2007}
REIGN {Kev – 15 June 2007}
– First Year Of Our REIGN {Review Pending}
– Second Year Of Our REIGN {Review Pending}
– A Dirty World {15 Sep 2008}
The Kerberos Club (ORE Edition) {Kev – 25 Dec 2009}

Monsters and Other Childish Things series
– Monsters and Other Childish Things: Completely Monstrous Edition {18 Feb 2008}
– The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor {01 Oct 2008}
– Curriculum of Conspiracy {04 July 2008}
– Bigger Bads {Review Pending}
– Road Trip {Review Pending}

Assorted Systems.
– Star Thugs {18 June 2007}
CthulhuTech {Kev – 18 Nov 2013}
– Eclipse Phase {Review Pending}

Unknown Armies.
– Unknown Armies: 2nd Edition Core Rules {Review Pending}
– Hush Hush {17 May 2007}
– To Go {21 May 2007}

Board Games
– Gingerbread Kaiju {Review Pending}

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