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This is a collaborative storytelling game for at least 3 players using our very own Silver Screen system. If you love the drama, excitement, romance, intrigue and cheesy dialogue of Film Noir movies (or books for that matter,) now you can create a brand new story every time you sit down to play with your friends. You can set your movie anywhere you like, with characters that you and your friends will build together during the course of play. All you need is something to write on, something to write with, some D6s, space to play and some other folks who have seen the same sorts of films you have.
(As discussed in Starbutt Magic-Horse and the Existential Vacuum of Modern Acquaintance.)

Version 0.3 of Noir! is currently in very early testing, and will be released here as soon as I’ve fixed any bugs revealed in this phase. (i.e. I get to Version 1.0) If you want to be involved in beta testing, just drop us a line at BigRedCouch (AT) hoarde (DOT) net and I’ll send you what we have so far. Or if you just want a peek.
My current plan is to get the Noir playset nailed down, then start tweaking it for other movie genres, each of which will get it’s own playset. Eventually you will be able to play a Toon/Zombie/Western/Espionage game just by shuffling the cards together.

Thanks for checking this out, more news as development happens.


***UPDATE 8/4/2014***

Hello people!

A bunch of play-testing has happened and as a result I’m doing a complete tear-down of the rules. I was hoping to have a completely open storytelling vibe, but it turns out that none of my friends or relatives are super Theater Sports junkies and were having trouble with that.

So now I’m trying to figure out how big a starting hand should be and if it should change depending on player numbers, whether and under what circumstances re-carding could be a thing, and how to give players an Act structure to let them know how long they have left to play. Y’know, so they aren’t still playing the same game when their first pension check comes in. I don’t mind so much if they have played several games and happen to be playing when that letter comes, but it could be a problem if they are still trying to figure out the rules at that point.

I plan to leave the original rules in as an alternate play style for experienced players or Theater Sports afficianados, but it seems like a bit much to ask of new players.

News as it arises,



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