How To Play At Home

If you’ve had a game idea based on one of our cards, we’d like to hear about it.
More than that, we’d like to include it in the show if we can.

  • If you’d like us to read out your idea in an episode*, send us an email at
  • Alternatively, if you’d like to record your idea & send us the file, we can include that in an episode*.
  • Or you could just drop a comment under the episode you are responding to, or any episode for that matter, and we will respond in kind.


* About that “in an episode” thing.
We have a buffer of a few months, so by the time you listen to an episode & hear the drawing of the next card, that next episode has already been recorded, edited, and is most likely show-noted and waiting in the queue to be released. The same can be said for most** of the episodes in ‘Coming Up On The Big Red Couch‘.

But Fear Not!

We’d love to do an “Our Listener Has Many Ideas” episode, where we would take the game pitches you’ve sent in and talk about them; An entire episode dedicated to your ideas.
Also, free content is awesome.


** About that “most of the episodes” bit.
The very last card on ‘Coming Up On The Big Red Couch‘ is the episode we’ve not yet recorded. Barring the 1-2 hour period when we’re recording, any game pitch you have based on that one can be included in the show.

We’d like to hear your ideas

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