Transcripts of Play Wot We Made Our Very Own Selves

Here we present an archive of documents representing occasions where a game or game session was entertaining enough to write up for posterity.

BTVS: 1889. {Our first experience of the Fate system via “Spirit of the Century” from many years ago, which involved mashing-up “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Space: 1889.”  It was a one-shot which didn’t quite finish the story, but where the players and GM were satisfied that they were getting to grips with Fate.  It was also daft fun involving Victorian vampire bashing, as if we were psychic and were predicting the later glories of “The Kerberos Club.”  The pregen characters are included here, along with the transcript.}

Tales of the Explosive Chastity. {A comedic and horrible one-shot game set on a gigantic interstellar moving-van run by a drug-fiend and piloted by a collection of grotesque misfits as they cope with a series of challenges on the job.  Shenanigans ensue.  Would work great as a “Bulldogs!” scenario, although the system didn’t exist at the time.}

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