Episode Twelve – Starbutt Magic-Horse And The Existential Vacuum Of Modern Acquaintance

In which Ben considers the last days of an era in music, Tonya goes Noir with an unexpected femme fatale, Craig considers the possibility of Magical Pulp Adventure, and Kev comes up with something Monstrous.

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Red Right Hand – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – Stephen R. Donaldson

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Prog Rock Britannia (part one of nine)
In the Court of the Crimson King – King Crimson
Merrie Melodies – Daffy Duck the Wizard

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The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, by Chris Wooding

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12 thoughts on “Episode Twelve – Starbutt Magic-Horse And The Existential Vacuum Of Modern Acquaintance

  1. nike free run 2 schuhe says:

    After the downfall of the Republic and Machiavelli鈥檚 release from prison in 1513, fortune seems never again to have favoured him. It is true that in 1520 Giuliano de鈥?Medici commissioned him to write his History of Florence, and he afterwards held a number of offices, yet these latter were entirely beneath his merits. He had been married in 1502 to Marietta Corsini, who bore him four sons and a daughter. He died on June 22, 1527, leaving his family in the greatest poverty, a sterling tribute to his honesty, when one considers the many opportunities he doubtless had to enrich himself. Machiavelli鈥檚 life was not without blemish 鈥?few lives are. We must bear in mind the atmosphere of craft, hypocrisy, and poison in which he lived,鈥?his was the age of C?sar Borgia and of Popes like the monster Alexander VI. and Julius II. Whatever his faults may have been, Machiavelli was always an ardent patriot and an earnest supporter of popular government. It is true that he was willing to accept a prince, if one could be found courageous enough and prudent enough to unite dismembered Italy, for in the unity of his native land he saw the only hope of its salvation.

    • Avatar photo Tonya says:

      In the context of StarButt Magic Horse, this is really interesting. You are obviously alluding to the “vacuum of modern aquaintance” that Machiavelli found himself in after his release. It must have been quite difficult to find anyone who would admit to knowing him, or help his family in any way.

      Perhaps players in this setting would be courtiers looking to gain something they could use to get in with the Medicis but they must not be caught anywhere near Machiavelli, in spite of needing his expertise. Interesting.

  2. Michael Factory says:

    Panspermia (from the Greek “all seed”) is the hypothesis that organic life, however it starts, can spread out throughout the universe on interplanetary material. The theory has some notable supporters, such as Stephen Hawking and Sir Fred Hoyle, and there’s been a lot of interesting recent research to back it up.

    • Avatar photo Tonya says:

      Ooooo, nice!
      I’ve seen some articles about the formation of DNA or DNA-like strings in all sorts of media, provided it has a complex variety of elements available and s convection current to wobble it up an down through a range of temperatures.
      In this context, it implies a far-future first contact game. You seem to be implying that Equestria is somewhere in This Universe, just waiting to be discovered… which would be interesting. What would Ponyvile 2500 look like and how would they cope with contact from Humanity?

  3. investinpei says:

    There was no hurry to speed up the process, one false move could endanger the whole operation, with the nightmare prospect of the ship breaking up and plunging to the depths.

    • Avatar photo Tonya says:

      Wow, this is really evocative.
      So the Magic-Horse is a ship that is caught in a giant whirlpool (like Charybdis) and trying to work it’s way free. The game takes place on board, among the crew and the passengers (many of whom have been pressed as crew to relieve tired sailors as this sounds like a job that is constant.) The whirlpool has been named by an ex-fop. I think the game works to a time-limit, i.e. the ship climbs the wall of the whirlpool at n feet per day, players participate in two scenes per day. There may be some disastrous thing that sends the ship *downwards* but never by much. There might also be ships above you in safe water that can get ropes to you in extraordinary circumstances, but only on the last day.
      I can’t decide if the ‘pool is mystical in some way, possibly letting the ship climb if the folks on board can over come personal differences, pulling them in if there is a major interpersonal blow up of some kind. If not then it is just a stressful backdrop to the rest of the game, which I leave to someone else.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Edward J. Konieczny.Editor

    • Avatar photo Kev says:




  5. tnrequinpascher says:

    Guillermo Del Toro

    • Avatar photo Kev says:

      Good question, I’m not sure what Guillermo del Toro would make of the idea, but given Pan’s Labyrinth it’d be bound to be interesting.

      Ponyville as seen through the lens of things-covered-in-plastic, stuff-in-jars, and creepy shenanigans.

      Though now I’m imagining Doug Jones dressed as Twilight Sparkle, and that’s already going to weird places.

      Forcing Guillermo del Toro to have a mostly female cast would itself be interesting…

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