Episode Twenty Eight – Apocalypse Engine

Apocalypse Engine

A drunk maintenance crew wake up to find themselves the only ones left aboard a colossal crew-served fighting machine run amok.
Guerrilla Journalists sneak aboard a top secret mega-weapon.
Engineers trying to defuse a nuclear test stuck in mid-explosion find themselves on a dream quest which may, or may not, involve fusion imps.
Well, the device has gone wrong & ended the world as we know it; How do we shut it down?
The last hope for humanity may lie aboard a massive train, making it’s way around the world.
Everyone gives the convoy whatever they want, so long as they keep moving & get out of the area quickly. Why? Because they have an Apocalypse Engine.
Weaponised Calypso Music.
This cruise liner contains all that’s left of post-apocalyptic humanity.

The Gutter Skypes


Steve Jackson’s Ogre

Howl’s Moving Castle

Something Fairly Noxious

Under Seige – “I’m just the cook.”

Red Dwarf



Doctor Strangelove – The Doomsday Device

Thunderbirds Are Go

Global Frequency

Atomic Robo

Iron Helix

Urban Exploration – Missile Silo


That’s How We Roll Podcast Episode featuring an Escape or Die! playtest at Dreamation 2008

Zombie Cinema


The Swiss Guard

Base Raiders


Tsar Bomba

No-one lives here

The Feels

The Culture

Bob the Angry Flower

Quantum Quest

Repo Man

Chaos Engine / Solider of Fortune


The Tower King, in the British Comic “Eagle”
Jose Ortiz Moya – Artist

Ice 9 – Kurt Vonnegut’s

Ice isomers – Boring Science

Eyes of the Calculor – Sean McMullen

Megadeth – Train of Consequences

Snowpiercer found out about this one after we recorded ~ craig

Battle Truck – filmed in New Zealand (we’re sorry) (you liked lord of the rings, right?)

Inverted World

Ark II

Kung Fu
The Incredible Hulk
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Three Amigos
The Littlest Hobo

The Windup Girl – Paolo Bacigalupi

Naglfar – Boat of Nails

Steam Tractors

Cozy Catastophe

Abandoned Cruise Liner – Lyubov Orlova

RV Calypso – Jacques-Yves Cousteau


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