Episode Thirty Four – I’m Still Here, Treasure Planet!

I'm Still Here, Treasure Planet!

Why is an Earth-sized planet rampaging around the galaxy, blowing things up?

Having rescued the stranded explorer, how do you extract the clues about his big score from the rest of his rantings & ramblings?
It’s like having a Treasure Map which makes no sense & needs a bath.

The trouble with raiding a Treasure Planet is that the planet doesn’t want you there, and is bringing it’s capacity to do something about it on-line.

The world kind of sucks, and even if you get out among the stars it’s still not that great.
Somewhere out there, however, is a better place; A world with a wise, kind, and above all generous ruler, offering a great place to live if you can make it there.

Rather than setting up a mining operation on that airless moon, why not just blow it up & collect the ore from the planetary surface?
All we need is someone to wander around and pick it all up.

A Planetary Romance in which one of the participants is an actual Planet.

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2 thoughts on “Episode Thirty Four – I’m Still Here, Treasure Planet!

  1. MrTim says:

    Continuing my plow through the archives (I discovered this show through the inimitable Gutter Skypes, BTW), and I’m pretty sure the anime Craig was trying to identify in relation to the Space Hobos on a Train idea was Galaxy Express 999 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080772/?ref_=nv_sr_1), which may well be the first anime I ever saw aside from the unavoidable Speed Racer.

    • Craig says:

      Yep; That’s the bunny.
      Not sure how I found out about it, to be honest, but it seems to fit.

      Also; Thanks for listening to us!

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