Episode Thirty Six – Caveman Scientists

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a reoccurance of the audio gremlins from last episode and they have gotten somewhat larger.

That’s what happens when you feed them, sadly.

We’ve had our best Caveman Sound Engineers have a look at it, and they have recovered what they can, considering they have been dead for more than 10 thousand years.

T. Jones

Caveman Scientists


A colony ship floats above a verdant world, trying to land its technologically backslid crew before the systems finally fail.

Genetically adapted explorers struggling with the unfamiliar bodies which now house their advanced intellects.

A quest to reignite the fire of rational thought and measure the span of a shattered world, perhaps reuniting it along the way.

A competition of Neolithic invention, competing technology start-ups, and terrible, terrible Hubris.

Time travelers studying their own distant ancestors, or are they becoming them?

Primitive chrononauts battle devious dinosaurs through time, altering history in unexpected and worrying ways.

Farside Cartoon – Caveman Scientists

We mention the Gutterskypes again!

Generation Ship

Brian Aldis – Non-stop

Space Romans Episode


r/K-Selection theory (Ben’s terrible at remembering this the right way around. High K species nurture their few young, low K species have squllions insted.)




Ark II

Canticle for Liebowitz

Nullarbor Plain

The Postman, by David Brin

Fallout Series

Journey to the West

Monkey Magic Intro

Gurren Lagann

Pirates – Band of Misfits

Me am Go Too Far! Me Am Play Gods! – Dresden Codak

To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis

A Mission of Gravity by Hal Clement

Erich von Däniken – Chariot of the Gods? Ancient Astronauts, basically.

The Bromeliad Trilogy – Terry Pratchett

Time After Time

One Million Years B.C. That’s the movie with Raquel Welch. 3000 BC was in the Bronze age, when living in caves was very passé.

Atomic Robo Hates Doctor Dinosaur

Sliders with Spears?

Quantum Leap

Ben There, Dan That

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3 thoughts on “Episode Thirty Six – Caveman Scientists

  1. Ben says:

    The Atomic Robo link is to a free comic, which is a larf.

  2. anim5 says:

    My mind went immediately here:
    (‘Hope all is well in BRC Land. ‘Still deriving massive enjoyment and big smiles from all of you and your collective super elastic mental gymnastics!)

    • Craig says:

      Heh ~ That’s kind of awesome.

      Glad you’re still enjoying the show; Likewise, I’m still enjoying the hell out of The Gutter Skypes, plus the Runequest episode finally explained those ducks.
      I’d never played the game, and always wondered.

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