Episode Forty One – In Other News, Florida Woman Has Left Florida Man For Yellowknife Man. Child Of No Fixed Abode Is Now A Ward Of The State.

Tabloid reporters compete to get the worst possible headline past their editors.
Superheros are allocated based on a regional franchise system, but what happens when one of them just up and moves?
Handling & covering up the shenanigans of a family of dysfunctional superheros.
A Reality-TV superhero elimination competition.
In the post-war future, disputes of all kinds are settled at Murderbowl. … Seriously, people, it’s just a name.

Particle Man – They Might Be Giants

Amazing Engine: Tabloid!

John Oliver

The Chronicle

Monsters & Other Childish Things

Better Angels

Deep Fried Turkey Accidents

Hounds of Tindalos

Warren Ellis

Marvel Civil War

New Statesmen

Crisis (comics anthology)

2000AD (comics anthology)


NFL Draft

American Gladiators


Face Off

The Boys

Back In Black – AC/DC

Canadian Bacon

Baltimore Colts relocation to Indianapolis

Real Real Real – Jesus Jones

Hong Kong Action Theatre

Apocalypse World


Mutant Bikers of the Atomic Wastelands

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


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