Audient Content Episode – Will Lays Down The Gauntlet

Will sent us a monster email, filled with ideas, so we did the only reasonable thing under the circumstances & wrapped an entire episode around them.

Additionally Ben reminisces about his time at KapCon24 in Wellington and Craig girds his convention-going loins in preparation for this years GenCon.

Will’s ideas include:

  • The most literal take on “Yellowknife Man” either of us have seen,
  • Ponies allegedly helping with the weather due to the disappearance of the regular animal mascot,
  • Inadvertent crime-fighters in an approximately self-driving car,
  • Teenage rebellion within the superheroic Gravity Family,
  • The quest to earn one’s Doctorate by Transmogrifying classic Monsters,
  • And an approach to keeping things safe which makes Johnny Mnemonic look positively warm & fluffy.

Episode Forty One – In Other News, Florida Woman Has Left Florida Man For Yellowknife Man. Child Of No Fixed Abode Is Now A Ward Of The State.
Episode Forty Two – Everypony! It’s The Singularity!
Episode Forty Three – They Fight Crime!
Episode Forty Four – Gravity Princess
Episode Forty Five – The Department of Monstrous Changes
Episode Forty Seven – Pay At The Trollbooth

Split Second

Slender Man

The Faking Hoaxer (rationalwiki)
The Faking Hoaxer’s YouTube Channel

Freddie Wong Rocket Jump


Monster of the Week, by Michael Sands of Generic Games
Updated! – Monster of the Week Revised – published by Evil Hat Games

Johnny Mnemonic, by William Gibson

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