Episode Sixty Four – Swamp Alligator Hoe-Down

Swamp Alligator Hoe-Down

Moonshining Were-Alligators; Solitary folks, but with a certain sense of community.

Tensions between rival gangs of supernatural creatures are building towards a war. The proposed truce is in jeopardy, so how do you make it hold?

A trainload of strangers has just hit town, bringing excitement and wonder. And danger.
And nobody seems to see this but you.

From the distant future of this post, we have a very late entrant in the show-notes;
OutsideHow contacted us ( in May of 2021 ) with their guide to walking the Appalachian Trail, so I’m editing it in, because neither Ben nor Craig can stop me ~ T. Jones

Things to Know Before You Hike the Appalachian Trail


Gamma World

Dragon Magazine

Blue Whale

Fighting Fantasy Books
Choose Your Own Adventure
Mark of the Ninja
Lone Wolf

Red Box D&D
Judge Dredd RPG

Games Workshop (wikipedia)

J.R.R. Tolkien

1st Ed. AD&D

Golden Heroes

Biro (pen)

Marvel Super Heroes


GURPS Supers
Battlelords of the 23rd Century and “Chunga”

Giant snakes in the Everglades

Sadako Yamamura (Ringu)

Ralph Bakshi’s “Wizards”

Fear the Boot

Werewolf: The Apocalypse



Tuatara – NZ’s ‘Living Fossil’

“Hootenanny”, by Head Like A Hole

Hard Target
“Copperhead Road”, by Steve Earle

The Valley of Gwangi (not ‘Lost’ valley, as Craig thought, though presumably it’s hard to find ~ T. J.)

Burmese Python – “The Snake That’s Eating Florida” – NY Times

Frogs (movie)



Seanan McGuire’s “Incryptid” novels
Sewer Alligator


Kung Fu Panda 2
Master Croc

The Zantabulous Zorcerer of Zo
PDQ System

Hong Kong Action Theatre (rpg.net summary)

Al Capone

Tunnels & Trolls

“Hoodoo Bash”, from the album “Have Moicy”
Holy Modal Rounders

Thunderbird Wine

Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury

The Gutter Skypes
Peter & the Monsters

American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
Super 8

American Horror Story

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