Episode Sixty Five – An Unconventional War

An Unconventional War

The world  has woken up on full war footing.  The enemy is known, your role is clear, but nobody knows why.

A “spoiler” convention has been scheduled a week ahead of yours.  Go undercover in your best pointy ears and may’luch so you may move among them and undermine their plans.

Revolt in the orbital platforms teeters between sabotage and the catastrophic re-entry of the station.

….and with some inter-cultural exchange on the topic of Halloween.


Podcast – All Games Considered Podcast

Podcast – The Gutterskypes!

Mark’s Youtube Channel – Those Crazy Games


Daish, etc.

TV – Torchwood – Miracle Day

Proxy Warfare

TV – Doctor Who – The War Games (1969)

Time Lords

Tom Baker – The Fourth Doctor

“At 15 he became a novice monk, but left the monastery six years later after losing his faith. As he wrote in his autobiography he realised he wanted to break each of the Ten Commandments in order and thought he should get out before he did something serious.”

DANGER – HUMANS! – Highly recommended.

RPG – Atomic Robo by Evil Hat

RPG – The Gumshoe System by Pelgrane Press

Novel – The Pushcart Wars by Jean Merrill

The Asylum – Home of the “Mockbuster

Unconventional Warfare

GenCon Indy

MotoGP at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

RPG – Sex, Lies, and Ultraspies

Podcast – That Gutterskypes episode – click here and search for “Session 082” for the start.

BRC Episode Sixty Three – Donut Tax Outrage!

Anime – Mobile Suit Gundam – this universe seems to make a habit out of this and had the Colony Drop trope named after it.

Novel – The Master of Paxwax by Phillip Mann

RPG – Fringeworthy

Ben mispronouncing Samhain –  (it should be /ˈsɑːwɪn/ sah-win or /ˈs.ɪn/ sow-in, Irish pronunciation: [sˠaunʲ])

Chick Tracts

Guy Fawkes Night



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