Episode Eighty Three – Don’t think about the WHITE ELEPHANT

Don't think about the WHITE ELEPHANT


As they move against the enemies of their society’s psychic overlord, his agents must balance their own misgivings and their team’s allegiances with the needs of the mission.

The city is enveloped by a choking malaise, an invisible force sapping it’s inhabitants and industry.  Is it an conspiracy, a twisted secret, or something even darker?


Book – Five on Brexit Isle

Place – Penzance, Cornwall, Great Britain

Theater – Pirates of Penzance

The Smugglers What? – There are about a half dozen “The Smugglers X” in Cornwall. What’s THAT about?

The NZ Earthquakes – Animated Timelapse Maps and some rather calm geologists standing next to rather alarming things.

The Fortunate Truck Driver (and those bloody cows.)

Satire – The Civilian – Civil Defence evacuates whole of New Zealand after engineers discover structural issues with the country

Unhelpful Person – Brian Tamaki and the petition to have his organisation stripped of it’s tax-free status.

Satire – The Civilian – God deeply frustrated Auckland’s gay people live nowhere near a fault line

RPG – Paranoia

Styles of Paranoia from “Paranoia XP Edition” – Zap!, Classic, and Straight.

Cartoons – Adventure Time – Ancient Tandem Psychic War Elephant

Secret Service Codenames – Trump’s is actually “Mogul”

RPGs Powered by the Apocalypse

RPG – Dread and Jenga

YouTube – CGP Grey – “Rules for Rulers

Film – Equilibrium (2002)

Podcast – Fear the Boot Episode 423

Boardgame – Junta

Film – Under Siege (1992)

The Warhammer 40k Inquisition

Youtube – YouTuber playing Surgeon Simulation on a Treadmill

Boardgames – Illuminati

Boardgame – Thunderstone

Boardgame – Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Boardgame – Dominion

Film – Vertigo (1958) – Hitchcock

Film – High Anxiety (1977) – Brooks

Film – Airplane AKA Flying High (1980) – Abrahams and Zucker

History – White Elephant

Winston Peters – Minister of Foreign Affairs (19 October 2005 – 29 August 2008)

Film – The Shadow (1994)

Comics – The Authority

RPG – Noirlandia

TV – Stranger Things

TV – Warehouse 13

RPG – Trail of Cthulhu

Convention – KapCon 26 in Wellington on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of January 2017.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Jewish History in Cornwall in Penzance

Market Jew Street, Penzance, Cornwall



Market Jew Street at night, Penzance, Cornwall

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6 thoughts on “Episode Eighty Three – Don’t think about the WHITE ELEPHANT

  1. Koakai says:

    Just listened to the latest show, and I wanted to chime in about a podcast that is just wrapping up, but had items from both sides of the conversation today.

    The actual play podcast is done by the people over at the ‘Gamers with jobs’ podcast. They usually do video game talk, but last year part of their donation drive had them running an RPG this year. Called ‘The Unmarked’, this podcast was a home brew system using tarot cards as the resolution mechanic. Low cards being worse, but the meaning of the card in tarot defining just why things went poorly or well.

    There was also something about rings or something in the discussion today, but I plead brain fatigue. I listened to the podcast at two times speed in the car headed to work, so things have fuddled now in the noggin.

    • Ben says:

      Interesting. I’ll have to give them a listen. Gamers with Jobs

      2x speed? I’m impressed/scared. I often boosted longer conversational / news shows up to 1.1 or 1.2 but leave audio drama pacing as is. Any more and I’d worry about head exploding.

    • Avatar photo Craig says:

      Likewise! Because the tarot card thing sounds like a really interesting twist to things.

      (and 2x speed? Wow!)

  2. Tim Soholt says:

    I believe High Anxiety was the Mel Brooks parody of Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

  3. Tim Soholt says:

    Ack! Hit “Post” before I was done editing. I believe High Anxiety was the Mel Brooks parody of Hitchcock’s oeuvre, taking its name from Vertigo.

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