We’re having some server … Issues (Resolved)

Specifically, uploading of the complete and edited episode isn’t happening, and this may be a “crappy hostel internet” issue, or it may be at the hosting end of things.

Sadly, this was only found out after the rough cut, which is assembled for just this sort of circumstance, was deleted, because of extreme cleverness.

We’re … Working on it.


….and crisis (for a given value of crisis) averted.  It only took launching the file around the planet and coming at it from the other hemisphere.

Kid’s stuff, really.


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About Craig

The coucher who, while not RESPONSIBLE for this thing, did have the idea in the first place. In the boring world I do GIS, which means that I make maps, swear at computers, and have come to a level of reluctant respect for MS Access & Excel for their data-manipulation capacities.

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