Does Anyone Know How To Exorcise A Shared Hosting Server?

Asking for a friend.

Something went a little strange when Craig finished the show notes for tomorrow’s episode ( My Dear, We’re Out Of Stilton ), and some podcatchers started duplicating Big Red Couch posts.

Not all podcatchers, of course, and not all episodes, because of course it wouldn’t be that easy.
Interestingly, they’re not duplicated in the RSS feed, just in the result on some ‘catchers.

Craig is trying to figure it out.

We’re having some server … Issues (Resolved)

Specifically, uploading of the complete and edited episode isn’t happening, and this may be a “crappy hostel internet” issue, or it may be at the hosting end of things.

Sadly, this was only found out after the rough cut, which is assembled for just this sort of circumstance, was deleted, because of extreme cleverness.

We’re … Working on it.


….and crisis (for a given value of crisis) averted.  It only took launching the file around the planet and coming at it from the other hemisphere.

Kid’s stuff, really.


A Big Red Christmas?


We’re going to have an episode drop just before Christmas day; Maybe the 24th, maybe the 23rd, depending on your time zone, and Ben & I are wondering about doing a Christmas Episode.

Specifically, we’re wondering if there’s anything that you all, the audient, would like us to do as a Christmas Episode?
We’ve done a holiday special before, and I’m not sure we’re ever going to top the idea of the Christmas Snake, but if there’s something that calls out to you and says “Those Hacks On The Big Red Couch Should Totally Do This Thing” ?

Well, you may well be right.

Cheers, and thank you for listening,

Behold! A Refurbished Game Resources Page Featuring New Content!

Greetings all!  In the background for the last while, we’ve been working on reorganising the Game Resources page in response to feedback.  The new version has more structure we can use to grow in future without it becoming unwieldy, and has a bunch of extra content.

On the page, you will find:

– A Questionable Content hack of Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) with Approaches designed for a QC context, along with a bunch of character write-ups using the hack.
– FAE characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Gravity Falls and Homestuck
– Rules meaning you can use Strange Fate from The Kerberos Club to run the infamous “Jailbreak” scenario from Unknown Armies, and all you need is the book that contains the module itself.
– Character and City Generation for a Dresden Files RPG game that members of the BRC are playing/running together.

Plus many other gems. We plan to keep adding to the Game Resources section, and if you see something interesting listed as a bulletpoint but there’s no link yet, it’s a sign we’re working on adding it in future.

Curious to see what you think!


We at The Big Red Couch are pleased to announce a major milestone today.

Come hot on the hells of evidence that we have An Audient comes our very-first spambot.

It’s official: WE HAVE ARRIVED.

We’ve also been getting useful feedback on the ‘casts so far, including some suggestions for handling audio differently.  These might take a while to filter in as we figure out how to implement the suggestions, but stay tuned.