We at The Big Red Couch are pleased to announce a major milestone today.

Come hot on the hells of evidence that we have An Audient comes our very-first spambot.

It’s official: WE HAVE ARRIVED.

We’ve also been getting useful feedback on the ‘casts so far, including some suggestions for handling audio differently.  These might take a while to filter in as we figure out how to implement the suggestions, but stay tuned.

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5 thoughts on “Milestone!

  1. Jordans for sale says:

    Part of their appeal for police is that they are efficient and relatively cheap. They can scan plates about eight times more quickly than a cop with a laptop driving down the road, a recent study found. Jordans for sale

  2. Jordans for sale says:

    On Wednesday, dozens of masked gunmen took over the police headquarters in the Michoacan city of Aquila, brandishing assault rifles and wearing white T-shirts with the slogan “For a Free Aquila” — the same slogan that has been used by self-defense squads that have sprung up in a half dozen Michoacan towns since February to try to kick out the Knights Templar. Jordans for sale

  3. Avatar photo Tonya says:

    This is so cool. Even the spambots want to play our game now.

    Craig, can one or both or these comments be cards for the Box, do you think? There might need to be some kind of modification…..

    “Agent GumShoe reports: Police now using multipurpose nanotech that doesn’t stretch the budget!”

    “Agent GumShoe reports: ‘For a Free Aquila’- White Shirt uprising against the Knights Templar heats up.”

    • Avatar photo Craig says:

      I’d go with both of them on the one card, as they’re part of the whole idea.
      If need be, we could put “Agent Gumshoe Reports” on the card, and a note to see an associated sheet of said reports.

  4. Avatar photo Kev says:

    Eee hee hee… I was thinking “JORDANS FOR SALE” at the end of each card like “ENGLAND PREVAILS” would be A Necessary Thing, because WHAAAAT.

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