Episode Two – Mexico Is Missing An Island

…in which we take enormous liberties with Geography, History, and International Politics, along with discussing ideas as broad and varied as wandering great-souled islands exploring the world, folk heroes gathering from across time, Emperor Norton’s vision-quests, and punching the giant Ugly Fish.

As part of the ongoing evolution of The Big Red Couch, we tried something different this time and actually researched our ideas, which meant the vibe was a little different this time, and some ideas were similar.

We’ve had some great feedback on our first episode which we are incorporating into future episodes, including suggestions for handling audio differently!  Of course, given that we’re very organised for once and have an extensive buffer organised ahead of time, you won’t see the impact of the feedback for a while.  Even so, we’re Very Excited About It.

Bermeja Links:
A Detailed Map of Bermeja and Near Places
The Fantasy Island of Bermeja
Torre Bermeja – Akiko Saito
Isaac Albéniz
(Lonely Planet) Mexico’s Missing Island
BBC Maps of Bermeja
Wikipedia Map showing Vermeja (not spelled wrong, I swear)
Wikipedia Article on Bermeja
The BBC World Service documentary that gave us the idea in the first place: Mexico’s Missing Island.  (Very interesting for reasons nothing to do with gaming.)

Spirit of the Century
El Santo
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
Grim Fandango
Pancho Villa
Pictorial Images of Lady Six Monkey
Article about Six Monkey
Panteón de Dolores
France A. Córdova
Dolores del Rio
Maria Lavalle Urbina
Berta Zerón
Evil Genius (Videogame)
Emperor Norton
Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Werewolf: The Wild West
Atomic Robo
Delta Green

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