Episode One Hundred And Three – Are You Henry David Thoreau?

Are You Henry David Thoreau?

Troubleshooters in the Bosky Groves

Living Deliberately while being hunted by shadowy agencies

‘Thoreau’s Angels’ or ‘Pre-Industrial Shadowrun’?

A Parlor Game with Time-chewing horrors



Dunedin’s Recent (January 2018) Fire

Henry David Thoreau

The post on Language Log that inspired Burning’s prompt.


Album –  Nothing like the Sun – Sting

Highgate Hill

Novel – Walden or Life in the Wood

Herman Melville

Film – Terminator (1984)

Video Games – Fallout 4

Video Games – Walden, a Game

RPG – Paranoia

Banana Pancake Trail

Rare Earth video – The Town Where Gap Year Kids Went To Die

RPG – Eclipse Phase

TV – Altered Carbon

TV – 12 Monkeys

RPG – Psi*Run

RPG – Steal Away Jordan

Film – Short Circuit

Film – Starman

RPG – Teenagers from Outer Space

Novel – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Bright: The Apotheosis of Lazy Worldbuilding – Lyndsay Ellis Critique

Film – Bright

Film – Wild Wild West

RPG – Deadlands

Parlor game – Botticelli

TV – Sapphire and Steel

RPG – Time Cellist

TV & YA Novel – Under The Mountain

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