Episode One Hundred And Four – The Beige Invasion

The Beige Invasion


Garbled prophesies of the modern social media world prompt a confused destructive intervention.

London is torn down the middle, with a modern city driven by electricity & electronics facing a parallel evolution, based on steam & clockwork, across the Thames.

A deep sea encounter with a sentient creature spurs a contest to contact the new life form, be they ally or enemy.

Infiltrators from the world beneath waves have perfectly been engineered to blend in…     …as conscientious and painfully polite youngsters with feelings completely at odds with their mission.



New Zealand’s relative location in the Northern Hemisphere.  Having the open Pacific to the north and less in the way of warm trade winds means the climate is quite a bit different though.

from www.enz.org

Alleged Bonus Episode 

Episode One – Alcatraz

Episode Eighty Seven – Canadian Mind Beams


Futurama – Bleak Neutrality

Steve Buscemi –  “How do you do, fellow kids?”

The colour of computing in the Eighties.

Luddite and Rifkinites  ( The second appears to a just be an fictional group from Steve Jackon’s Illuminati New World Order game.  Maybe related to Jeremy Rifkin, but possibly only in jest. ~  T. Jones)

Mechanical Turk – not be confused with the Google “Human Intelligence Marketplace

RPG –Paranoia

Blessed by the algo…


rnJesus  – (Caution:  Urban Dictionary link. ~  T. Jones)

Poem – All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Novel – Stand On ZanzibarJohn Brunner

RPG – Teenagers from Outer Space

(One Mike Pondsmith’s many contribution to RPGs, though I like the art in the earlier incarnation better.  It’s still available via PDF, but in a strange anime / early ’00s  web-comic look, which I feel unnecessarily prescriptive in regard to the tone and tropes when PROJECT Ako and BESM already exist.  ~ Ben )

( Not that either of those are that easy to get hold of these days.  Also please note, Ben is an old fart.  ~  T. Jones)

Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker films

A Peter Gabriel Stop Motion Video

Film – Captain Underpants

RPG – Rifts from Palladium Books

An article and a Kickstarter update about the recent bad news in the Palladium world, relating to perennial briar-patch of the Robotech franchise

RPG – Savage Rifts

Happy Jack Live-stream recordings – The Tomorrow Legion shows are down in the Savage Worlds section.

(That particular kind of crazy super-soldiers in Rifts are, in a twist of confusing straight-forwardness, called Crazies.  ~  T. Jones)

RPG – Torg  –  (The “big bads” running the invading realities are the “High Lords”. ~  T. Jones)

TV – Counterpart

Video Game – Dishonoured

RPG – Blades in the Dark

Thames tidal barrier

Novel – Brothers in Arms – Lois McMaster Bujold – from the Vorkosigan Saga

TV – Fringe

Comic – Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew vs. Frogzilla

Audient Ideas from the Episode One Hundred and Two – The Day The Squid Said Hello

Kedamono’s pitch


(Thanks for putting this noise back into my head, TriggerHappy   ~  T. Jones)

Film – The Abyss (1989)

Burning’s Idea – excitement about playing

The DUMAND project

Short Story – Does a Bee Care? by Issac Asimov

The Great Martian War trailer

Taz’s contribution

RPG – Shock : Social Science Fiction by Joshua A.C. Newman

Anime – Squid Girl

RPG – Lasers and Feelings by One Seven Design

RPG – Invaderz (Postmortem Studios)

RPG – Golden Sky Stories (Star Line Publishing.)

Anime – Assassination Classroom





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