Episode One Hundred And Eight – The Boy was the spouse of Justice and a slave to Science

The Boy was the spouse of Justice and a slave to Science

Quarreling Gods look for arbitrators among the very mortals they are supposed to guide.

In a society that worships rational concepts as if they were competing supernatural powers, a disruptive and mercenary acolyte is tampering with a delicate balance.

Justice can be automated.  And now he’s got the tools to do it, that’s just what the Son of Justice plans to do.

Between the machinery that keeps him alive and mentor that is erring on the side of vengeance, this side-kick has a lot to deal with.

The latest celebrity super-power-couple are from across the divide between hero and villain.  City-wide peace requires that they get along, but their friends are left to mange the fallout.


Word salad

Purple monkey dishwasher.


River Phoenix

Tent Revivalmaybe camp, maybe not ~ T. Jones

Films – The Carry On franchise

Author – Gene Wolfe

RPG – Sea Dracula

Dick and Jane Books

RPG – All Hail Bugtopia (pdf)- A 12-page game of insect justice made Hannah Shaffer, presently of Make Big Things for Game Chef 2015 – Reviewed on The Tabletop Superhighway

Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney

Murder on the Dance Floor – Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Shure  SM58 Microphone – the reason other microphones die.


RPG – Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games

Rashomon effect

TV- Matlock

Film – Divergent

Novels and Films – Harry Potter franchise

Archie Comics

TV – Happy Days

Film – Equilibrium


RPG – Fate Accelerated by Evil Hat Productions

Kick Ass

Zircher’s (Taz) Pitch

TV – Star trek

RPG  – Masks by Magpie Games

Novel and Movie Series – Nightwatch by Sergei Lukyanenko

TV – Gotham

RPG – Is it a plane!? – Kickstarter page

RPG – D&D 5th Edition

Happy Jacks RPG Podcast

The Old Millwright’s Arms

Domesday Book

The Mistress of Jersey – A Tribute to the Sisters of Mercy – They have a Facebook page.

The Cure and Robert Smith

The Smiths and Morrissey

Sailor Moon / Tuxedo Mask - "My work here is done".

Black Books – “…all that dancing!”


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