Episode One Hundred And Twenty Two – Song of the Old Gods: The Colour Out of Space Album

Song Of The Old Gods - The Colour Out Of Space Album

Craig keeps thinking of ideas he really doesn’t want to make a game of.

What happens when the worship band for a Cthulhu Cult get noticed by a producer & start to make it big?
What about when the band start to see that there’s a much bigger world out there, and want to move away from the cult that’s literally in their DNA?

What happens when your quaint & folksy chant to Dagon goes Platinum.
And they left off the portal-closing hymn because it didn’t fit the back-beat.

Nobody know who the band Song Of The Old Gods were, nor why they chose to release so few pressings of their Colour Out Of Space album. What we do know is that odd things happen when you play more than one copy at once, and someone out there is trying to collect them all.

The Color Out Of Space, by H.P. Lovecraft

Headless Body in Topless Bar (movie)
Vossoff and Nimmitz: Just a Couple of Idiots Reupholstering Space and Time, by Adam-Troy Castro


Episode Twelve – Starbutt Magic-Horse And The Existential Vacuum Of Modern Acquaintance

Christchurch Mosque Attack

YouTube Video from NonCompete describing the idea of “the pyramid of violence” and “stochastic terrorism”.

New Zealand Wars

Featherston Prisoner of War Camp

Battle of Gate Pā

Worship Band / Church Band

EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Guy Ritchie

Black Panther (movie)

Tomorrowland (festival)

The Shadow Over Innsmouth, by H.P. Lovecraft

The Shape Of Water

Walk Hard: The Dewy Cox Story

Soth (a long-form example of play)

The Fortune Cookie Incident – how to accidentally be huge racist.

Gloriavale Christian Community

Dogs In The Vinyard

Paul Simon
Cocteau Twins
Peter Gabriel

Mr. Vampire
Gremlins 2
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Cast A Deadly Spell

La Monte Young
John Cage

The Beatles (The White Album)



Klaatu (band)

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
The Blood Drained Cows (apparently the “Gregg Turner And” part is descriptive, not the band name ~ T. Jones)
When People Were Shorter And Lived By The Water
Dearly Beheaded (the only thing I can find about this group from Manchester is in German. good luck. ~ T. Jones)

Cyber Way, by Alan Dean Foster

The Black Tapes (podcast)
The Black Tapes (wikipedia)

Episode One Hundred And Twenty One – It’s promotion time for the Royal Gardeners of the Emperor. Only one will advance.

Phil Tippet
Jurassic Park

The Trouble With Rose

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2 thoughts on “Episode One Hundred And Twenty Two – Song of the Old Gods: The Colour Out of Space Album

  1. Todd Zircher says:

    That is one monster of a show notes list!

    • Ben says:

      We covered a lot of ground and our “interesting” decision to take an unscripted collaborative approach tends to mean we lurch into unfamiliar and half-remembered territory quite frequently.

      I’m a bit skeptical that many people use the notes, but we try provide some reference points for our rambling out of a sense of due diligence. A lingering academic trace I suspect.

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