Episode One Hundred And Twenty Nine – Aliens have landed at Gen Con and only stalwart games can defeat them!

Aliens have landed at GenCon and only stalwart games can defeat them!

Personifications of games emerge when the need is greatest to rally the forces of gamers in battle against an Alien Menace.

Alien Invaders arrive, looking for the most loyal representative of Earth to battle for dominance in a symbolic competition. Owing to poor translation skills and the inability to imagine that anyone might do things differently, they’ve found the Gen Con booth of Stalwart Games, who are about to have a very weird day.

A Meeple-Shaped spacecraft has crashed in through the roof of LucasOil stadium, and the invading forces are streaming out to take over. The MiBs are responding, but they need time, so it’d up to the Gen Con attendees to divert, confuse, distract, and possibly subvert the alien menace to buy that time.

Gen Con
( No idea why Craig wanted me to link this – He’s been banging on about the thing for years. At this point my pets know what Gen Con is ~ T. Jones )

Sigmoid Colon
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters
The Princess Bride

Eskenazi Health
Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital

Craig’s Travel Blog Entries;
Where Things Diverticulated From The Plan
9311 Eskenazi, 1432 SpringHill

Dungeons & Dragons
Palladium Books / Rifts
Call Of Cthulhu RPG
Are You A Werewolf?
Two Rooms and a Boom
Secret Hitler
White Wolf Publishing
Apocalypse World
Fate Accelerated

( MechWarrior is the video game, BattleTech is the wargame it’s based on ~ T. Jones )

Indiana Convention Center


Python (code)

Galaxy Quest

The Player Of Games, by Iain M. Banks

Terran Trade Authority


Zombie Cinema

Chris Foss
Douglas Adams

Oscar (movie)


H.R. Giger
Giger’s Watch Exhibition

David Cronenberg

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  1. John H Reiher says:

    And another of the D&D cousin, redheaded stepchild, is Ponyfinder!


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