Episode One Hundred And Thirty Six- “I knew there was something I was supposed to do, but I can’t remember what it was…”

A group of total strangers who are distresingly familiar to each other attempt to work out what disaster befel their city, why they feel like they had something to do with it, and whether it could happen again.

The Universe is broken, the backup is corrupted, and you’re trying to rebuild from your own hazy memories of what it was like.
And maybe sneak in some improvements at the same time.

The Social Collateral system rewards helpful deeds & improves efficiency by ensuring that nobody can forget a task.
And yet it feels like that’s what’s happening, even though the system says it isn’t.

The World’s Greatest Genius needs a retinue of people to keep them on track & remind them to wear pants, and to stop anyone finding out that this is the case.
That’s where you come in.

Auto-Targeting systems mean that if you look human, and are a combatant, you get hit; The only defense is camoflage which obscures the human form.
In these dark times, Furries are our only hope for survival.

Airship Pirates stage raids on the Politico-Corporate Empire of the Mouse, rebroadcasting IP to anyone with the will to watch it and concealing their identities by wearing the cartoonish heads of the oppressor.

Big Ben
Crowdfunding a Brexit Big Ben Bong

The Queens Park Arts Centre
The Cinelli Brothers

Procol Harum


Imagine Dragons



Part Time Gods
Blades In The Dark

The Princess Bride

World Of Synnibarr

Inflationary Epoch

District Health Nurse
Wellness Check

Maneki Neko, by Bruce Sterling


Dark City

Stargate SG1 – Revisions

The Thirteenth Floor
The Matrix


Episode Five – Bond: Behind The Scenes


Apocalypse World

The Witcher ( game )

Rick and Morty


The Worst Year Ever Podcast

The Walt Disney Company

The “Mortal Engines” Quartet

Black Mirror – Fifteen Million Merits

SLA Industries

Bill Hicks

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