Episode One Hundred And Fifty Five – Happy Campers Adventures

An educational youth camp in a post-Gygaxian fantasy world

The low-stakes trials and tribulations of the staff of a summer camp

A much beloved summer experience turns out to be an insanely long-term covert intelligence operation

Wholesome adventures at a variety of oddly-themed campgrounds with suspiciously thematic problems

Tongariro National Park
NZ Department of Conservation

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

The History of Pancake Day
Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake


Pancakes from the 70’s. Apparently.

TOPEC ( taranaki outdoor pursuits and education centre )

Restaurant to Another World
Flying Witch
Laid Back Camp
Girls Last Tour
Record of a Yokohama Shopping Trip

Slow TV

All Aboard: The Sleigh Ride – A Slow TV Christmas Special


Danjon Meshi / Delicious In Dungeon

Kim Possible – Cap’n Drakken

Summer Camp

Summer Camp Island


Apocalypse World

The Famous Five, by Enid Blyton
Five Go Mad in Dorset


Center Parcs


The Manchurian Candidate

The Illegals Program

The Americans
My Own Worst Enemy

The Xenon File, by Richard Hayes
( Amazon Link, to prove to Craig that he wasn’t imagining it – There’s almost no information out there about this book ~ T. Jones )

Dr. Strangelove

Toy Soldiers
( Craig had completely the wrong film; He was thinking of Taps ~ T. Jones )

Sky High

Ruby Ridge Standoff

( the Michael Biehn film Craig couldn’t remember ~ T. Jones )

The Terminal

Dreamcatcher, by Stephen King

A Prarie Home Companion
Lake Woebegon


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated


Blades in the Dark

Once Upon A Time


The Weekenders

The Banana Pancake Trail

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