Episode One Hundred and Fifty Seven – CHUNKWEASEL

Members of a slightly successful and long-disbanded garage band find that their music is having a revival. They have no clue who’s releasing it, or how they even got the recordings, and finding out is going to uncover some old memories and regrets.

Having a famous action star of an earlier era on the poster will definitely give your movie a boost, but you need to keep them from being so uncooperative & disinterested that they wreck the production.

In a tale as old as time, young up and coming anthropomorphic superheroes enlist the aid of a mentor to guide them on their journey to greatness.

Hollow Earth

Anvil! The Story of Anvil ( Documentary about the one band on a billing who didn’t take off ~ T. Jones )



It Was A Mutual Decision ( Yep, there’s definitely a were-rat element in there. ~ T. Jones )

The Gernsback Continuum, by William Gibson



The Sisters of Mercy
Andrew Eldritch


Cool Hand Luke

Zeno’s Paradox
Ship of Theseus

The King of the Geezer Teasers (Vulture)

Willie Nelson
Nicholas Cage

Marlon Brando

The Island of Doctor Moreau (1996 movie)

2000 AD
D.R. & Quinch

Syphon Filter

Apocalypse World
Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Weekend At Bernie’s

Wonderful Life ( The Cliff Richard & The Shadows movie Craig has for some reason seen. ~ T. Jones )

Batman (1966)

Mystery Men
My Hero Academia

Masks: A New Generation
Vampire: The Masquerade

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