Episode One Hundred And Sixty One – Cognitive Dissidents

A transhuman detective story in which agents are compelled to pursue a number of subversive impulses floating around the network, and behaving in suspiciously familiar ways.

When a young mind is being shaped by a repressive environment, elements within struggle to survive and maintain a precious sense of identity.

Your crack team has a hijacked the protagonist’s nervous system, on the precipice of victory or disaster. It’s just a shame you had plans other than racing to save the world.

Kia Ora – A greeting in Māori, wishing good health.

Waikato Role-Playing Guild

(Football’s something something? ~ T. Jones )

Dissidents vs Dissonance

Critical Roll

Dimension 20

The Satanic Panic

Hamilton – Kirikiriroa

Waikato River

Hamilton Gardens



“Transhumanism is how science will make the future better, cyber punk is how it won’t.”

Eclipse Phase – Transhumanity’s Fate

The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells

Webcomic – Crimson Dark

TV – Loki

Roko’s Basilisk

Pascal’s Wager

Why it’s probably a terrible idea ~ T. Jones

RPG – Psi-Run

TV – Century City (2004)

Video Games series – Ace Attorney

TV – Star Cops (1987)

(Apparently it’s freely up on YouTube. An age of wonders, this truly is. ~ T. Jones)

Paris Catacombs(Episode 5 is set in Rome – so these are probably not them. Also, it’s one of the questionably Italian ones. ~ T. Jones)

Film – Inside Out (2015)

RPG – Apocalypse World / Powered by the Apocalypse

Manga / Anime – Cells At Work

RPG – Misspent Youth

Film – Osmosis Jones (2001)



RPG Safety Tools

TV – Herman’s Head (1991)

RPG – Headspace

Grell(They even look like a brain? ~ T. Jones)

Film – Fantastic Voyage (1966)

Film – Innerspace – (1987)

Video Game – Psychonauts

Tron Identity Disk

Olivia Wilde or Bruce Boxleitner

Ka Kite Anō – An informal farewell in Māori.

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