GenCon 2022 Report for Monday 8th

A window over a night time city skyline, with the text GenCon 2022 Report Four

Now GenCon is over for another year, it is a time for quiet reflection, sensations of creeping dread, and a commitment to doing more gaming. Better even! Yes, this is late. We are so, so tired.

Tentacle Town

Le Chat Noir

Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

The Underarm bowling incident of 1981

Dr Nick Holm: how New Zealand comedy embraces being a bit s**t

The British Museum

Assholes Impersonate Gen Con Staff, Send Harassing Messages To Attendees

2 thoughts on “GenCon 2022 Report for Monday 8th

  1. Todd Zircher says:

    Just for giggles, there are five flat roofs in the museum complex that look like you could land a helicopter on them. 😀

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