GenCon 2022 Report for Sunday 7th

As the day dawns on the morning of the last day of GenCon for another year, Craig reminisces about this convention’s atmosphere and a strange sense of gamer melancholy.

Wayfaring Strangers by Games from the Wild Wood

Talismonger – Shadowrun slang

Simple Simon (nursery rhyme)

TV – Supernatural

Alice Isn’t Dead

TV – The Sandman

Dark Matter by Mage Hand Press

TV – Dark Matter the SYFY show from 2015

Avatar Legends RPG by Magpie Games

Tentacle Town

2 thoughts on “GenCon 2022 Report for Sunday 7th

  1. Todd Zircher says:

    The way territorial expansion worked in the US, most cities existed (and were thus named) before the territory officially became a state. Of course, in the Midwest, American Indian names are all over the place. My home town was Piqua in Miami County in Ohio. [Pekowi, a band of Shawnee / Miami, another Indian tribe / Ohio, ‘good river’ in Senaca.]

    • Ben says:

      It’s much the same in NZ. The towns are either cribbed (and occasionally misspelled) from local Māori place names or named for an arbitrary Victorian lord, who frequently never set foot or died hundreds of kilometers away, heading the general direction.

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