GenCon 2023 Day Five Report

The Indianapolis, Indiana sky at dawn with the words "GenCon 2023 Day Five Report" overlaid .

The fifth day out of “the four best days of gaming”? Is this worst day of gaming? Or the day of worst gaming?

Reminiscence, nostalgia, and unhinged grumbling trail in the wake of our hero’s journey, the pains of old wounds and faded glories herald the end of yet another lost era.

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GenCon 2023 Reports Inbound

What’s this? A new episode? The land quakes and the seas roar, for they have returned like the heroes of old! Well, like old heroes anyway. People. Old people.

Never meet your heroes, kids.

Biding his time in the foetid swamp of Wah-Shing-Tun, the fearless traveler Craig set his sights on the “four and a bit” best days gaming in Indianapolis.

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