Episode Fifteen – Space-Wreck Exploration

In which Kevin imagines the Stargasso of stranded ships, Craig wonders how to rescue colonist stranded by the march of progress, Ben contemplates asteroid-hopping miner-archaeologists, and Tonya has some thoughts on what you might find in a spacecraft graveyard.

The Alpha And The Omega

The Swapper

Decaying Orbit




“Turtles All The Way Down”

Enemy Mine
Babylon 5
Star Trek
Dr. Who

Nintendo DS

Relics (ST:TNG Episode)
Dyson Sphere
Darmok (ST:TNG Episode)

Clifford D. Simak
Junkyard, by Clifford D. Simak
Orbitsville ~ Bob Shaw

Moon Pool

Terran Trade Authority
Review of The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game

Cold Sleep
Generation Ship


Nuclear PulseEngine/Orion Drive

Die Hard
Khan Noonian Singh

Occam’s Razor

Galaxy Quest


Miss Marple


Brian Aldiss
Non-Stop ~ Brian Aldiss


Eon ~ Greg Bear

Outside Context Problem

Capt. James Cook
Hernán Cortés


Eclipse Phase
2300AD / Traveller 2300

Relativistic Speed
Vector Calculus


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Opencast Mining

Howard Carter

Peter F. Hamilton
The Night’s Dawn Trilogy ~ Peter F. Hamilton


Vernor Vinge
A Fire Upon The Deep
A Deepness In The Sky

The Roadside Picnic ~ Arkady and Boris Strugatsky



Aircraft Graveyard
Ship Breaker

Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home
Grand Designs


Composting Toilet
Safari Park

Lagrange Points



Morris 1100

Numbers Station

The Americans (TV Show)
Moretsu Pirates

The Flying Dutchman

Bit Rot ~ Charles Stross
Bloom ~ Wil McCarthy

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13 thoughts on “Episode Fifteen – Space-Wreck Exploration

  1. Anim5 says:

    Hiya! You were recommended by one of your listeners when he wrote in to ‘The Gutter Skypes’. Wow you guys are FUN. And SMART! And . . . and FUN! – Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing. Gaming podcast land needs more quality shows like yours. Thank you for the time and work! – anim

    • Avatar photo Craig says:

      Thank You!
      I’m really glad you’re enjoying the show; We’re having fun doing it, and hope to be doing this for a while.

    • Avatar photo Tonya says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Anim5!
      I have also enjoyed many of the things on your website, including the Giant Book tutorial. That was awesome.

      Say Hi to the Gutter Skypes for us, because they are also awesome.

      Generally, everyone is awesome, but especially you.

      (This reply was brought to you by the letter Awesome.)
      (Edit: Counsel has informed me that Awesome is not a letter, so this reply shall instead be brought to you by the number Epic.)

  2. Hopeless says:

    Was wondering if you remembered the Space 1999 episode dealing with a spaceship graveyard except the orbiting spaceship part of the graveyard wandered off until it encountered Moonbase Alpha…

    Needless to say the sole survivor of the original expedition that encountered them is present and its shows his reaction to the reappearance of the graveyard!!!

    Great episode by the way!

    • Avatar photo Tonya says:

      (allow me a moment to get my squeeing under control…. that should do it.)
      I thought I dreamed that episode! To be fair, most of my memories of Space 1999 are of Maya wafting around and being awesome animals, and I’ve been too scared to look at any of the episodes lest my perfect memories turn out to be the fantasies of tiny-me, whose storytelling skills were less than stellar. Do you know if the show is still watchable?

      I’m glad you liked the show (ours, for clarity.) Hope to hear what you think of future eps, too! (Although this is not a requirement. Feel free to sit back and let our rudenessess wash over you if you prefer. Have a glass of something soothing. If that helps. It might not. I know Ben and sometimes Craig prefer a glass of something aggravating. Each to their own, I suppose.)


      (Edit: Wikipedia tells me that neither of us imagined it. Episode 23; Dragon’s Domain. TaDa!)

    • Avatar photo Kev says:


      That sunk into my brain as a kid because it had a TERRIFYING MONSTAR that had tentacles and a fearsome eye and it sucked people into itself and spat out the skeletons!

      I have since seen it on Youtube and the special effects are laughably terrible. This is a sad thing.

      • Avatar photo Tonya says:

        That is a sad thing. I was hoping to re-watch the series and be blown away with the Awesome Stories From The Past.
        Alas, it will instead be like watching Blake’s 7 again and being forced to make up side stories about how Gan is getting All The Girls because Blake and Avon are busy fighting over the attentions of Villa, who has no idea but is apparently freaky in his sleep.
        You will notice how the female members of the crew lose their passion for the cause after Gan dies. It is understandable. His rage control chip means he has All the Energy to use up.

  3. John says:

    I wonder if you remember the Albedo RPG from the ’80s, based on the Albedo Anthropomorphics comic series? Chessex published an adventure called the drift (http://www.waynesbooks.com/Albedo.html) in which an EDF Frigate is crippled in an attack and drifts into a ship graveyard at one of the Lagrange Points in the star system. This graveyard – ‘The Drift’ – is the remnant of an earlier battle, and now hides a Pirate operation that is attacking ships and stripping them, using The Drift as cover. The crew of the EDF ship must salvage parts to keep their ship running for the months before rescue is expected, battle a mutiny among the crew and fight the pirates in The Drift, when they encounter them. Brilliantly written, sadly obscure.

    • Avatar photo Tonya says:

      I had not heard of the game, but the comics look like a lot of fun. Is it something you ever ran/played in? What did you think?

      I must admit to being slightly irrationally peeved that someone snuck into my head and pinched my idea before I had it. Sounds like they took it in yet another awesome direction, tho.

      This comment deserves more attention, but sadly my brain has gone all 2am on me so I must put it to bed. More later.

  4. John says:

    Hey Tonya, nope, never played this. It was one of those games I saw advertised in WD and Challenge and always wanted to buy, but never did. Recently, I came across all of the game files on ScribD (horribly illegal) but I am compensating by buying up the hardcopies of the comics and the game off ebay. The game is quite serious, focuses a lot on characters and interpersonal relationships, and the science is really hard sci fi stuff, very well imagined, very well illustrated.

    Strongly recommended.

  5. GHDs UK Cheap says:

    At daybreak. A ranger came through and Dad flagged him down and told him what had happened overnight. Somehow my parents found money for a cabin or a cheap room for one night up there after that night.

    • Avatar photo Craig says:

      That’s a really interesting idea, GHDs.

      I’d been thinking of space wrecks in the sense of thing which had happened some time ago, but this suggests to me a game about exploring a wreck which just happened, possibly in a ‘Plucky Family Encounters Strange Alien Technology, And Maybe Even Life-Forms, While Hapless Authorities Refuse To Act, And The Park Ranger Who Wasn’t Even Supposed To Be Working Today & Just Wants To Go Home Is Trying His Best’ sort of way.

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