Episode Fourteen – I Hate This Village

Tonya introduces us to Autograph-Hunting in a village filled with Stars of the Silver Screen. And their relatives.
Kev wonders about the role of a Police Force in a village with more than the usual number of Mad Scientists, trying to stop a strange town from getting any stranger.
Ben considers Mad Science Rehab.
Craig wonders about the one place on Earth where all of this Weird-Ass stuff actually works.

Important Note!: For the next week or so, Bundle of Holding have a pay-what-you want sale on Fate-related PDFs with no bookmarking or DRM. For any price you want, you get Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, Full Moon, and Spirit of the Century. If you pay more than the average, you unlock The Kerberos Club, Legends of Anglerre and Starblazer Adventures.

That’s a crazily good deal, and Fate Core, Fate Accelerated and The Kerberos Club are very highly recommended. Given how often they feature in our Game Resources page, that should already be pretty obvious…

And now we return you to our regularly-scheduled Show Notes.

The Muppet Show


Con Crud

The Picture Of Dorian Gray


Bella Lugosi
Boris Karloff
Lon Chaney Jr.

Victor Frankenstein
Peter Cushing
Gene Wilder


Brigitte Bardot
Greta Garbo – Upon research, Garbo seems to be the “I Want To Be Alone” one, though that’s according to Wikipedia ~ craig


Igor – Discworld Variation
Peter Lorre
Marty Feldman

A Smattering of Ursula Vernon posts about Birding;
Alaska! Whales! Reindeer Sausage Onna Bun!
The Rhyme of the Middle-Aged Mariner
Birds, Bats, Etc.

Primetime Adventures

Blazing Saddles

Hot Fuzz

John Dies At The End, by David Wong
This Book Is Full Of Spiders, by David Wong


What’s He Building In There?, by Tom Waits

Alcatraz (TV Series) – A show cancelled before it’s time ~ T. Jones

Skin Horse
A Miracle Of Science

Applejack as a Mad, if happy, Scientist

The Prisoner
Somewhat overdone trailer for The Prisoner
Portmeirion / The Village
…, which apparently is a tourist destination

Pinky & The Brain

GM Fiat


Storyteller Cards

George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain

Doctor Who

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Mythago Wood, by Robert Holdstock
A Night in the Lonesome October, by Roger Zelazny

The Cthulhu Mythos

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, by Susanna Clarke

Monsters & Other Childish Things
Teenagers From Outer Space RPG
Smallville RPG

Count Dracula

L.U.C.I.D. – A role playing game about entering someones dreams and stealing their thoughts.


Fevre Dream, by George R. R. Martin


The Middleman
Warehouse 13

V Energy Drink

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