Episode Seventeen – Message From The Queen

Craig imagines a strange & injured messenger arriving on a stormy night with a call to action, Ben thinks the video itself is a doorway to change & revolution in a stark & sterile future, Tonya sees the music video as the first part of an Alternate Reality Game, and Kevin wonders what happens if very determined & resourceful people see non-existent hidden messages in your communications.

The Gutter Skypes, a podcast who are awesome, and who said nice things about us!

Take On Me: Literal Version
Never Gonna Give You Up: Literal Version


The Riddle

Alternate Reality Game

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2 thoughts on “Episode Seventeen – Message From The Queen

  1. Anim5 says:

    Strange and hidden links and messages within the message. Excellent! The video disturbs and hypnotizes all at once . . and in one small segment of it ( The bowl washing of the wound ) recalls medieval woodcuts of the healing arts. When I first read the “Meow Meow Meow” it triggered in the back of my Ad-Soaked brain an annoying Cat food commercial campaign that played in the USA for a very long time. The tune from that Ad was an insidious ear worm. Hmmmm message upon message. .
    YAAAAaaaay !!
    Thanks So Much for playing our Gutter Skypes Promo!
    Our most recent episode (#125) reveals a LESS THAN 6 degree separation linking The Big Red Couch and The Gutter Skypes, going back to Gen Con. It’s discovered “on air” as we were recording – during the reading of your feedback! Serendipity? Or an underlying “Message From The Queen” ?

    • Tonya says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed the episode (although only if the music for the cat food commercial was pleasant. Otherwise, many apologies.) Using a cat food commercial as a codex would be sneaky, particularly something popular. If you have a cat food commercial referring to a medieval medical text for final de-coding, that would give a very strange message, I’m sure.

      I played the discovery bit of your show to Craig, and he mirrored Thunderstep’s “wait….That Guy!!!” moment, only with more hyperventilating.

      I have just realized that parts of this comment will only make sense to people who have listened both to this show and to The Gutter Skypes Halloween special. So folks should go do that. Then imagine us flapping about in childish glee.

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