Episode Twenty Two – Operation Chocolate Teapot: The Untold Story

In which Craig pitches an Omega Squad that makes good in spite of themselves, Kevin calls operatives from WWII who must overcome memory blocks in order return to service, Tonya pitches a Daring Heist from the Teapot Museum (well, Kevin does it for her,) Gulo T. repairs a terraforming project before anyone finds out it broke and Ben sends a good-hearted Private Military Force to save children from a nefarious Industrialist.

Also, we spoil your appetites, and the plot to a certain Tim Burton movie. We are not sorry.

How Useless Is A Chocolate Teapot?

FATE Triangle
FATE Random Relationship Table

Marsh Mallow

Crystal Mountain

The Big Rock Candy Mountain
The Big Rock Candy Mountain Lyrics

Phule’s Company

Get Smart
Get Smart Intro

Hut 33

The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor

FATE Worlds

Last Of The Summer Wine

Leverage: The Roleplaying Game
Review of Leverage: The Roleplaying Game

A History Of Chocolate

Pink Smokers

Heston Blumenthal


Space: 1889

Atomic Robo RPG

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    hey. love your blog. iam not read english very well. i have achocolate blog to but it is write in hebrew – iam from israel 🙂

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