Episode Twenty Three – State Fair

State Fair

Kevin takes us to the Development Conference for the early Universe, Craig imagines Winter Festivals where the atmosphere falls as rain, and also considers Citizenship in a vastly less united U.S.A., Tonya proposes a world where Our State Fair Is The Best State Fair, Or I’ll Cut You, and Gulo T. brings us the Trade & Exchange of Emotional States.

People Are Strange – The Doors

State Fair (1945 Movie)

Our State Fair – song from the 1962 Movie

The Moon Is Not Blue – M*A*S*H episode

Higgs Boson
Airman Third Class (Bosun) Higgs – here be Girl Genius spoilers

Bose-Einstein Condensate

Fate Accelerated Edition


Solid Hydrogen

Metallic Hydrogen

Things I Won’t Work With

John D. Clark, author of Ignition!

Nedelin Disaster

Kerbal Space Program

Sapphire & Steel

Welcome to Night Vale

Sigil / Planescape

A Deepness In The Sky – Vernor Vinge

The Thing
The Abyss

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson
Jennifer Government – Max Barry
Only Forward – Michael Marshall Smith
The Sprawl Trilogy – William Gibson


A&P Show
Polish Chicken


Episode Six – Food Court Wars

Snow Leopard

Indiana State Fair
Royal Easter Show

Funnel Cake
Australian Funnel-Web Spider

Cabin In The Woods

“The Pain Peddlers”, it turns out, was written by Robert Silverberg

Something Wicked This Way ComesRay Bradbury



Ren Fair

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