Episode Thirty – Apollo Rising

Apollo Rising

Apollo is a Dark Listening Station … Apollo is a Downed Ship … Apollo is a Small Colony … Apollo is a Forgotten God, most of all by Himself … Apollo is a Cloud-Intelligent Microbe Swarm
Apollo is all of these things

What happens when a breakthrough is made, and people suddenly understand what a God is, and how they can finally do something about it?

Launching that first spacecraft into orbit breaks the barrier separating Earth from the rest of the Universe, and the Things outside are starting to leak in

The Trials & Tribulations of a Lunar Vinyard

The Space Race continues long after Apollo 17, and the Cold War expands into colonization and espionage on the Moon

“Apollo Rising” looks like it’s going to be an awful film, and a small group set out to stop it from being released, either by heist or subterfuge

Garth Ennis
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade


Transmetropolitan, by Warren Ellis
Diaspora, by Greg Egan

Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler
The Midwich Cuckoos, by John Wyndham
Midnight City – M83

Episode Twenty Nine – Ancient Greek Steam Automatons


Tiamat (D&D)
Bahamut (D&D)

The Gods Must Be Crazy
Crazy Safari (OK, Crazy Safari didn’t come up in the episode, but if you get the chance to see it, … ~ T. Jones)

The Boys, by Garth Ennis

Existence, by David Brin

Gurren Lagann
Neon Genesis Evangelion

A brief review of Song of Saya

The War Against the Chtorr series, by David Gerrold



Geographic Center of the Contiguous United States

Central Otago Wine Country, New Zealand

The Quiet Year

The News from Lake Wobegon
Welcome to Night Vale

Community Radio RPG

Apollo Applications Program
Kerbal Space Program

Apollo 18 (film)
LK Lander
Lunokhod 1

World War Z

Millennium, by Ben Bova

Bad-Anon scene in Wreck-It Ralph

Blakes 7
G’Kar, Babylon 5
Garak, Deep Space Nine

AE-35 Unit, 2001

Iron Sky

Brazil (film)
Terry Gilliam

Cliff Richard
The Shadows
Hogan’s Heroes

CrimeWorld, by John Rogers, in Fate Worlds Volume Two: Worlds in Shadow

State & Main
Space: 1999

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