Episode Thirty Three – The Samson Protocol

The Samson Protocol

The game starts with the team captured, their covers blown, their weapons confiscated, and their demolition charges deactivated.
Through flashbacks, we discover that this was the plan all along.


Can you pretend to be a cultist well enough to infiltrate the higher ranks and discover what is really going on?


When The Situation Gets Hairy, That’s When You Trigger … The S.A.M.S.O.N Protocol!

  • In a remote base coming under attack, the S.A.M.S.O.N Protocol has protected the secrets of the facility, but will it protect the crew?
  • When the S.A.M.S.O.N Protocol is triggered, an elite squad of legendary heroes, many of them played by Kurt Russell, are woken up & sent to the rescue.
  • The base AI, fractured and reeling from an attack, attempts to re-integrate itself & fight off the attackers using whatever resources it can find.
  • The S.A.M.S.O.N Protocol has worked as expected, and has wiped the base computers AND the memories of the crew.
    Fortunately, the crew had enough time to leave clues for themselves to help them remember.
    Unfortunately, they’re still under attack.


The R.A.P.U.N.Z.E.L Procedure
Aliens have kidnapped the person with the world’s strongest hair, and are using their purloined hair superiority to lay waste to the world.
A Hail-Mary mission is launched to infiltrate the alien mothership, find the source of their power, and cut it off at the root. Or scalp.


In a world where your hairstyle indicates your social class, only the very best may wear long hair or extravagant up-dos; The working classes must adopt the hairstyle appropriate to their profession, from the short-back-and-sides of a labourer to the mandated chrome-dome of a fry cook.


The Massive Space Station has de-orbited itself upon the assassination of it’s owner, in accordance with the S.A.M.S.O.N Protocol, so that none shall profit from the monstrous deed.
The trouble is, it didn’t stop to let the crew off first.

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One thought on “Episode Thirty Three – The Samson Protocol

  1. Hopeless says:

    The world is in grave peril, a zombie epidemic has been released in the Middle East and the “cure” doesn’t work and humanities last hope lies with a group of hair stylists managing to restore the faith of a grief stricken medical polymath so she can cure a zombie Armageddon and find a decent cup of tea…
    As if finding some skimmed milk was bad enough…

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