Episode Thirty Two – Our Story Begins In A Dying Stripmall

Our Story Begins In A Dying Stripmall


A game which cuts between a strip mall & the people who work there in a family drama setting, and that same strip mall & people in a rain-slicked shadowy Film Noir setting, and what happen when the two begin to bleed together.

After the apocalypse, a deteriorating strip mall AI tries to provide for its inhabitants before it dies.

A group of travelers in a strip mall cafe in the middle of nowhere, sheltering from the storm outside, pass the time by telling the tale of how they came to be there.

Following the evolution of a strip mall through the collapse & recovery of civilization.

A bunch of teenage retail workers on a migratory shopping mall, which is stranded in deep space & literally dying, attempt to solve or prevent its murder – possibly at the hands of illegal space whalers.


Ouija Board

It’s A Wonderful Life

Film Noir

Dark Seed
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Troma Entertainment
Shaw Brothers Studio

Kill Bill


Flatpack: Fix The Future (DriveThruRPG)

Cosy Catastrophe

The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer

De Profundis
The Exquisite Corpse


Middle English
Old English

Fanboys (webcomic)

The Quiet Year

World War Z ( I wish that someone would make a movie, or better still a TV series, based on WWZ ~ T.J. )
Left 4 Dead

Apocalypse World

Groo The Wanderer

Princess Celestia, from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Lord Humungus, from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Ars Magica

Brat Pack, by Rick Veitch

The Beast Below episode of Doctor Who
Home On The Remains & Green Eyed Monster episodes of Farscape

Fantastic Voyage

High Plains Drifter


Through the Alimentary Canal with Gun and Camera: A fascinating trip to the interior, personally conducted by George S. Chappell (amazon.com)

Mao of Kruberak Cave, the deepest known cave in the World

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4 thoughts on “Episode Thirty Two – Our Story Begins In A Dying Stripmall

  1. John says:

    At last, my name in lights!

  2. Hopeless says:

    Is it bad of me hat I’d like to see how they handle a low powered superheroes meets zombies series whether live action or animated set in the UK?

    Have this vision of a group sneaking into a devastated London that beset by crowds of zombies because that’s where the largest population was before it went to hell and what passed for supers were either govt, military or reality tv stars so they may have alarming powers but intermixed with the fact they’re nowhere near as dangerous as a bunch of triggerhappy lunatics and the phrase “friendly fire”.

    That vision involves stealing an old train to travel into London and then trying to locate a more up to date information bureau to locate all the important sites… hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers to procure medicine, food from various locations that might still be edible, fuel, ammunition, clothing and other essential bits such as replacement parts for various important remaining tech they have back home or to repair their only reliable means of getting out alive… namely the train after all it makes a darn good diversion if you want to evade that pursuing super zombie and you can’t take him out normally…

    Speaking of which if you had to cast anyone as a zombie in your game who would you choose?

    I’m picturing Simon Cowell as Zombie King with Cheryl Tweedy as Flaming Fist… see Rotted Capes for an explanation on that!


    Well zombies and malls do seem to be a popular mix!

    • Tonya says:

      I like the Reality TV Supers angle, that could be a lot of fun, and opens a game up to the Inspectres system. Supers Vs Zombies is something I’m having trouble finding a new angle on, tho. In most Zombie stories, the enemy isn’t really the Zombies, but people under a lot of stress and not coping very well. Most Zombies, even the fast ones, are fairly simple to deal with if you keep your head and have a reasonable relationship with your neighbors. It all goes to pot when that first somebody reaches for a shotgun. To me, if the players have superpowers, that makes the stress of the situation easier to deal with.

      (brainwave hits) Unless only Supers are vulnerable to Zombyism….. Fewer zombies, but wow, the devastation. Perhaps the players (vulnerable Supers) have a small group of humans they need to get out of London, so the information they need is up-to-date tracking on fallen Supers.

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