Episode Thirty Eight – Criminal Investigation: Partnership Between NTT and DoCoMo – Single Op

Criminal Investigation: Partnership Between NTT and DoCoMo - Single Op

Two members of a futuristic oligarchy are merging into a single entity.  Are you on side or the other, or stuck in the middle?

A tale of self-inflated functionaries deludedly struggling to bring epic meaning to their existence.

Competing Telecos race to circle the global in their digital embrace.

Neutral ground for mobsters and law enforcement becomes enmeshed in conspiracy between both factions.

Giant networks fuse to defend the earth. Foiling dark rituals and the interminable project meetings may claim many lives.

Space Police!

Warning, the couch denizens are in rare form in this one and eventually descend into the discussion of NZ Broadband Prices.

For clarification, yes, it includes references an Earth currency exchanged for goods and services. And the use of the phrase “Shop worn spam”.


Kurt Russel

The Mindset List – Beloit Colleges attempt to track how freshmen have seen a different world to their lecturers. Warning, contains instant “I feel old” material for some cohorts.

“We didn’t start the fire” – Billy Joel

Weird Al


Ben’s Pitch

I realised that I’d been subconsciously thinking of Underground, a nineties RPG about manufactured soldiers, having brainwashed into believing they are violent superheroes and then dumped back into society, are they trying to make sense of the world they have returned to. Includes rules for shifting the society’s paradigms and the repercussions.

Gamesystems – ShadowRun

NTT and DoCoMo

A map hinting at how complex Corporations are even today.



GFWL is Dead? Just the PC Marketplace? Who knows? We aren’t a video gaming podcast, so not us!

Steam (Required for Civlisation, apparently.)

Good Old Games.

I miss the Internet



Kev’s Pitch

How to Write like Tom Clancy

Red Dwarf

Milton from Officespace

Get Smart


Tonya’s Pitch

The diner in “The Wire”

Crayons and Choochoos, sorry Ticket to Ride

Leverage TV Show and RPG

Monster’s And Other Childish Things

TFOS – Teenagers From outer Space

Craig’s Pitch

LuNoHoCo – Robert Heinlein



Outland – Sean Connery, Space Sheriff!

October Day – Deana McGuire

Ocean – Warren Ellis

Dogs in the (Space?) Vineyard


The Fabled Johntent

The Laundry Files – Charlie Stross

The Breakup up of Bell System

Gant-chart Quest?

Dresden Files RPG

FATE Accelerated

Atomic Robo RPG

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