Episode Thirty Nine – But Others Were Reluctant To Leave: “There are still things we can do from China; They have not even found the device”, Said One Woman

But Others Were Reluctant To Leave:

A great empire sends out envoys to demonstrate their wealth and power, but do they hide an even more dangerous threat?

A “numbers station”, which once broadcast cryptic strings of seemingly random numbers suddenly starts calling for help.

A long buried army is stealthily getting into position to a face a foretold foe.

Time travelers try to recover a rogue device before rewrites their own present.

A wave of deadly radiation is heading towards earth, and in the limited time left to them a group of rescuers try to reconcile their conflicting priorities.

Spoiler Warning for Welcome To Nightvale episode 42: Numbers

Skip from 16m 32s to 33m if you haven’t heard this episode yet.

Craig’s Pitch

The Ming Dynasty


Stephen Chow Forbidden City Cop Shaolin Soccer

Zheng He

Hong Kong Action Theatre

Robert A Heinlein – The Puppet Masters

Tonya’s Pitch

Welcome to Nightvale Episode 42 “Numbers”

Pilot Episode on YouTube Highly Recommended

Charlie Stross

Cryptonomicon – Neal Stephenson

Numbers Stations

Dark Conspiracy

Sapphire and Steel Opening

Person of Interest – The Machine

“Illusionism” in RPGs

99% Invisible Podcast

Ben’s Pitch

Qin Dynasty

The Terrcotta Warriors

Terrcotta Warrior Cosplay

Autons and Weeping Angels

Gargolyes opening

The Problems of Nuclear waste storage for Millenia

The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge

Mancala and Nine Men’s Morris

The Fabled Jontent

A podcast of “Little Black Bag” by C.M. Kornbluth

“Diaspora” by Greg Egan

The Zone of Alienation

Red Dawn

Patrick Swayze Christmas

World Con 2014 and Shamrokon

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3 thoughts on “Episode Thirty Nine – But Others Were Reluctant To Leave: “There are still things we can do from China; They have not even found the device”, Said One Woman

  1. John A says:

    What I was thinking with that military idea (but didn’t detail because I was being wordy enough already) was that the human civilian population was still present. Also, that the alien oppressors didn’t necessarily really want to be there.

    I’m thinking it’s sort of like the aliens and humans both have big interstellar empires and Earth happened to be close enough to the border that it was vulnerable to changing military fortunes. In this version, the aliens don’t want to take the planet or conquer anyone, it’s just something dumb like our ally blockaded their ally and everyone got dragged into this whole /thing/ where Humans are fighting Kilrathi to determine whether Spathi traders can sell spice weasels in Delvian space without paying tariffs so now the alien occupation authority is sitting around on Earth pretty much just to deny its economic output to the war effort but they mostly want to go home because this planet is so freakishly *wet* how can anyone bear to *live* here I want to go *home*.

  2. Koakai says:

    We actually had a invasion of Terracotta soldiers during the summer/fall of 2012 here in Vancouver. I was visiting the city for some odd reason and stumbled across one. They had spread throughout the city, assuming disguises no doubt in an attempt to blend in.

    (One of the public art statue projects was these soldiers that year). http://www.terracottawarriors.ca/

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