Episode Fifty Six – Five Political Assassinations, Four Political Collapses; My Work Is Done.

Five Political Assassinations, Four Political Collapses; My Work Is Done.

A team of action heroes belatedly realise that they’re ushering in the apocalypse.
Manipulating the timeline, or possibly fixing it after someone else has messed with it, by killing off the responsible party in a non-suspicious manner.
Vigilante Justice Makes Me A Better Healthcare Provider.
What happens when your elite regime-toppling operative has a crisis of conscience before the job is done?



Top Secret/S.I.
Hero System

Dresden Files RPG

LEGO (wikipedia)
LEGO (company website)
LEGO Technic


Hero Designer

Shadowrun (wikipedia)
Shadowrun (5th ed., Catalyst Game Labs)
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Fred Hicks – blog

Overdrive Factor episode

Big Hero 6

Sylvester Stallone
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Savage Worlds

GURPS Action (line of books)

Cthulhu Mythos


Hawaiian Shirt

Team America: World Police


Urban Fantasy

Charles Stross (blog)
A Colder War
Laundry Novels (wikipedia)


Her Majesty’s Civil Service

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (movie)
The Destroyer novels

Kenneth Hite

Enigma Machine

Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Back To The Future (trilogy)

The GUMSHOE system (wikipedia)
Pelgrane Press, publishers of games using the aforementioned GUMSHOE System
Editions of Dungeons & Dragons
Burning Wheel


Gotham City

Asimov’s laws of robotics

The Wire
Almost Human

Fate Accelerated Edition

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Golden Age SF

The Stainless Steel Rat, by Harry Harrison (character & series)
Wasp, by Eric Frank Russell
Foundation Series, by Isaac Asimov

Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG
Angel RPG

John Wick

Die Hard 3 / Die Hard with a Vengeance


The Tabletop Superhighway podcast – Actually, it was this Jank Cast episode I was listening to (they’ve been doing some crossovers lately) ~ Ben

Still Life – A Larp by Wendy Gorman, David Hertz, and Heather Silsbee

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4 thoughts on “Episode Fifty Six – Five Political Assassinations, Four Political Collapses; My Work Is Done.

  1. John Reiher says:

    I love the Baymax & Chums vs. Gotham idea. However, I would imagine that each of the Robots would have a secret ID. Baymax of course is big, huggable, and inflated. His masked identity is the one from the movie Hero 6. This is so that they can operate in secret and get some downtime.

    And here’s another idea for the podcast, my “pitch casting”:

    Captain Plantagenet and the Plantageneteers!

    • Avatar photo Craig says:

      I hadn’t thought of the secret identity thing, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t put the idea down.

      My thinking had been that the bots are sufficiently generic-model that nobody can tell them apart, but secret identities means that nobody is looking for their type of robot at all; Baymax in his suit is so clearly NOT a cuddly inflatable medical bot that it’d be a waste of time to look at those, as the hero version is “obviously” a custom-built robot.

  2. John Reiher says:

    And overnight I came up with two more show pitches:

    “Banana Warriors of Dimension X!”


    “The All Singing, All Dancing, Musical Dungeon Crawl!”

    • Avatar photo Craig says:

      Aaaand added to the Mystery Box, …

      “The All Singing, All Dancing, Musical Dungeon Crawl!” makes me imagine a system using SingStar and Dance Dance Revolution as a skill mechanic.
      A bit like Dread, except instead of three pulls from the tower, you must complete ‘Your Disco Needs You’ on DDR or perform ‘Ace Of Spades’ on SingStar.

      We can only hope that nobody is foolish enough to allow this thing to happen.

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