Episode Seventy Eight – Kansas Is Vibrating

Big Red Couch - Episode Seventy Eight - Kansas Is Vibrating

The State of Kansas is leaving the Union: Economically, Legislatively, Administratively, and, with the aid of advanced rocket engines deep beneath the surface, Physically.

Loyal Kansans attempt to right the wrong of Kansas City, Missouri, by re-writing history. Sadly, time travel is an imprecise tool, and Kansas City has come adrift, moving from place to place in the present day, taking over the existing locations & population.

The Spirit of Kansas, tired of the State’s reputation as ‘boring’, is attracting attention by shaking things up in a very literal way.

Strange Vibrations beneath the very soils of Kansas?
Is it earthquakes? The result of fracking?
Nope; Space Maggots.

Space prospectors find the USS Kansas beached on an asteroid. How did she get there? And what happened to her crew?


Brexit (the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union)
Cities In Flight – James Blish


Boris Johnson

“Fuckity Bye” image (didn’t want to just post the image without attribution, and this is the only non-facebook source I could find – T.J.)

Kansas – the band
Kansas – the state
Starship – the band

Last Night On Earth
Zombie Cinema

Invasion of the Body Snatchers – 1978 version

Kansas City, KS

12 Monkeys – tv
12 Monkeys – movie

McMurdo Station

Howl – Allen Ginsberg

American Gods – Neil Gaiman

Episode Thirteen – The President’s Earth Chakra Is Missing!

Burning Man

Atomic Robo RPG

War of the Worlds – H. G. Wells
Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds

Doctor Who – The Green Death (1973)
The Blair Witch Project
Dune – Frank Herbert

3124 Kansas
USS Kansas (1863)
USS Kansas (1905)

Scottish Parliament Building

Planetary Resources – asteroid miners

The Philadelphia Experiment – movie
The Philadelphia Experiment – wikipedia article about the alleged experiment
Space Battleship Yamato

The Real Mary King’s Close
Heart of Midlothian

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One thought on “Episode Seventy Eight – Kansas Is Vibrating

  1. Todd Zircher says:

    Fun stuff! I really had doubts about this topic, but wow, you guys are like professionals or something. 🙂

    Here’s a pitch for the next topic, as told by a disgruntled second stringer…

    “Yeah, Cyclotron City has its own superhero team, the Glory Girls. They’re fit and they’re photogenic which earns them all the sponsorship bucks. So, unless you don’t mind being a part-timer or a starving solo, you end up working for the Glory Hogs.

    PlotHook isn’t too bad, at least she can swing that shepherd’s crook in a fight when she isn’t super sleuthing. TroubleMagnet’s super agility is a good defensive power, but she’s always needing rescued or the monster of the month has decided to follow her home. And then there’s CrisisAngel, she’s tall, blonde, with mighty fine features, and spotless white feathered wings. Why is she such a douche bag? Except for those wings and some twisted luck, her real superpower is the ability to grab people and teleport into a crisis.

    You could be in the break room eating a burger, and the next thing you know she’s got this death grip on your shoulder and you’re on a factory roof top battling Eraser Face and his goons. Did I mention she can only teleport INTO a crisis? I hope you had you cell phone on you, otherwise you’re walking back after the fight.

    Angel says it’s a divine compulsion. I think it’s bullshit. She once grabbed FireHawk while he was taking a dump. Hard to be heroic when you show up for battle with your pants around your ankles.”

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