Episode Seventy Nine – Crisis Angel Is A Douchbag

Big Red Couch - Episode Seventy Nine - Crisis Angel Is A Douchbag

Some people can keep their head in a crisis. But if it means that everyone else loses theirs, it’s probably best not to get them involved.

Stage magicians duel in the darkness behind the curtain, working to defeat frauds,  cultists, and sinister magical threats.

Crisis Angel to the rescue!  BTW, you’re coming with her.  Now.  Ready or not.

When their ward is driven to acts of horrible revenge, what’s a guardian angel to do?  Roll up their sleeves and pitch in?

There’s one every group of friends, right?  The high-maintenance, disaster magnet?  What happens when your group of friends wields incomprehensible cosmic power?


And from Mamading, the listener who tipped us off to the RSS going down, these ideas for our “Kansas is Vibrating” episode.

Following a underhanded preemptive strike (consisting of an upbeat teenager and her small dog) the inhabitants of OZ strike back at the realm that wronged them.

Kansas has been propelled into a hostile dimension, it’s citizens changing and gaining abilities that, if used wisely, but even see them through the peril ahead.

Some fiend has stolen the Sunflower state!  Battle hardened metahumans gather recover Kansas, and bring the thief to justice!

TV – Angel / AngelusBuffy the Vampire Slayer  and Angel

TV – Preacher

RPG – Fiasco

TV – Bojack Horseman

TV – Supernatural – Season 4 Episode 12 “Criss Angel is a Douchbag”

Criss Angel  – His clash with Yuri Geller

Uri Geller

TV – Steven Universe

Luxor Hotel AKA “Space Egypt”

James Randi

Podcast – The Black Tapes

Comics – Global Frequency

RPG – Risus  “The Anything RPG”


Novel – The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

RPG – Atomic Highway

RPG – Mutant Future

RPG Supplement – The Metamorphica  from Red Box Vancouver

Comics – The Authority

The lightly mad interpretations of The Wizard of OZ as political allegory.

TV – Rick and Morty

Novels – The Deathworld Trilogy by Harry Harrison

RPG – Bulletproof Blues by Kalos Comics

Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death

RPG – Better Angels

Oglaf – An Abusive Muse – Warning NSWF!!


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