Audient Ideas About Dragons

TAZ presents us with his Dragon Hoard-o-matic.

Kedamono wonders about what modern-day dragons collect that still holds value, given that gold is better protected now. And what headaches that could cause for the Bureau 13 agents keeping an eye on their … collecting.
And what happens when a dragon wakes from centuries of slumber and doesn’t know, or care, how the world works these days.

Jason G. reminded us of modern-day dragons, and is probably horrified by where we went with it.

Tiny Dragons – Rules
Tiny Dragons Tumblr

Dragon Hoard-o-matic (on the Big Red Couch thread on the Fear the Boot forums)

The Devil Went Down to Georgia, by The Charlie Daniels Band (Craig misremembered the name ~ T. Jones)

Powered By The Apocalypse (Wikipedia: It’s the best summary of what PbtA means that I could find ~ T. Jones)
List of Powered by the Apocalypse Games

Spyro the Dragon

Bureau 13
Savage Worlds
Fate Core

Dunkelzahn (spoilers)
Aaron Sorkin
The West Wing
House of Cards

Apocalypse World

The Venture Brothers
Adult Swim

Rifts (Wikipedia; For the description of the setting ~ T. Jones)
Rifts Ultimate Edition
Mutants and Masterminds

Dastardly Dirigibles

Craig made me add these; One’s the sports bar at the JW in Indianapolis, the other’s a chain ~ T. Jones
High Velocity
Buffalo Wild Wings


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3 thoughts on “Audient Ideas About Dragons

  1. Tim Soholt says:

    Amusingly enough, given your “functionally unassassinable” comment, Shadowrun’s President Dunkelzahn (not the one who runs the AAA megacorp, incidentally – Dunkelzahn was the media darling who basically told humanity what the heck was going on when the Awakening happened) actually *did* get assassinated (apparently – it’s complicated) on his inauguration day. The distribution of his hoard after his death is discussed in a supplement titled “Portfolio of a Dragon – Dunkelzahn’s Secrets” from 1996, now available in PDF if you have the urge to check it out.

  2. Tim Soholt says:

    Annd about two thirds of that was explained at the link. Whoops!

    • Ben says:

      The Shadowrun wiki link? Craig did the notes for this one (thanks, man!) so I hadn’t seen read it yet so no harm there.

      Well, if you’ve committed your setting to having a draconic president, guess assassinating them is a logical step?

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