Episode Eighty Eight – Our Listener, International Human of Mystery

What if, rather than using the standard approach to a numbers station, someone recruited a bunch of community radio and music enthusiasts, handed them the keys to a station, and said “Go Nuts, Kids. Have fun. Oh, and can you play this at 8pm?”.

The communications medium of the revolution isn’t letters or phone calls; It’s a bunch of counter-culture types in an old bus, transmitting their pirate radio messages of rock & roll, societal change, and instructions for the movements and activities of resistance cells.

We develop the business case for a Aggregated Untraceable Intelligence Broadcast Provider.

In which we decide that the Big Red Couch is Intellectual Drāno.

In the near future, the AI advertising bot wants you to be happy, but all it has to go on is the reports from your various Internet Of Things appliances, and it can only communicate with you by tweaking the advertising it sends your way.

Podcasts inadvertently become the cultural touchstones of a society.

International Man of Mystery

Apu, the Fifth Beatle
Questionable Content comic about beetles

Numbers Station
Accidental Radio Cuba broadcast on the “Atención” station

North Berwick

The Boat That Rocked (Movie)

KEXP 90.3 FM
The Current
(Craig suggested that I put these in, as examples of the sort of radio station which might emerge from the situation he’s describing. Frankly, I think he’s just trying to boost the signal of bands he likes, given the number of times he’s watched/listened to various Doomtree performances they’ve shared ~ T. Jones)

Satellite Radio

The Americans (TV)


Pirate Radio
Radio Hauraki

Sleeping Dogs (Movie)
The Idiot Played Rachmaninov (Book)
Shaker Run (Movie)

1951 New Zealand waterfront dispute

BLERTA – Bruno Lawrence’s Electric Revelation and Travelling Apparition
Bruno Lawrence

Grey Ranks (RPG)

Sir Robert David “Rob” Muldoon, Prime Minister of New Zealand 1975-1984

Cop Land (Movie)
The Blacklist (TV)

P. J. O’Rourke

Apocalypse World (RPG)


Wushu (RPG)
Hong Kong Action Theatre (RPG)


Underground Railroad
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (TV)
(The episode The Ethnic Tip was the one Craig was thinking of; It mentioned directions coded into songs. That looks to be folklore, unfortunately. ~ T. Jones)

Myst (Game)

Pontypool (Movie)
The Thinning (Movie)
Thinner (Movie)


Harvey Wallbanger
Sex On The Beach (“The” beach, not “A” beach – At this point, I’m beginning to doubt Craig’s commitment to cocktail mixology ~ T. Jones)

Dreamhost (Domain Name Registry & Website Hosting) (Wikipedia Page)
(The Big Red Couch uses Dreamhost as our Registrar & Host, and we’ve been happy with them ~ T. Jones)

Thrilling Adventure Hour (Podcast)
Welcome to Nightvale (Podcast)
Kirill (Web Series)

Z Nation (TV)
Zombies, Run! (Game)

Passengers (Movie)
Pandorum (Movie)

Everyone Is John (RPG) (It looks like the game’s official site has gone away – this was the best I could find ~ T. Jones)

The Borg

Galaxy Quest (Movie)

The Podge Cast
Monkeys Took My Jetpack
The Gutter Skypes

Guest spot from the “Russian Man” numbers station.


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