Episode Eighty Nine – The Rampant A.I. Was Surprisingly Helpful

A lushly forested ark cruises between stars, collecting waifs and strays.  What are the motivations of the statue-like guardians, and what is visible though the cracks in the walls?

An interstellar gold-rush spurs travelers to distant stars, but the extinction of the human race makes them the rarer commodity mid-transit.

A world where the boundaries of genre are so thin, the heroes pursue their opponents from paradigm to paradigm seeking to leverage their laws to their advantage.

The elderly roleplayers of the future raise up against their overly conciliatory robotic caretakers.

Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Foam

Heraldic Rampant

Movie – Passengers(2016)

TV – Dark Matter

TV – Doctor Who episode with an oxygen forest; “Flesh and Stone

TV – SGU: Stargate Universe

Novel – Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear

TV – Space 1999

Novel – A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge

Episode Fifteen – Space-Wreck Exploration

The Shkadov Thruster, or: How to Move an Entire Solar System

Oort Cloud

Portmeirion as seen in TV’s The Prisoner

RPG – Twilight 2000

RPG – Trail of Cthulhu and Timewatch

TV – Revolution

TV – Into the Badlands

Novel – A Land Fit for Heroes by Phillip Mann

RPG – Exalted

Luxor Las Vegas

Boston Dynamics “Nightmare-inducing” new robot ‘Handle’

Cliff Richard – “Wired for Sound”

The AI Stop Button


Boardgame – RoboRally

Post-scarcity Economy

TV – Waiting for God

TV – Last of the Summer Wine

Movie – Cocoon (1985)

Novel – Codgerspace by Alan Dean Foster

Novel – Fallen Angels


The Mistake Guy from Scrubs

A Weirdly Pronounced Advert…

..weaponised into mind-breaking dub-step.



Novel – The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

The Two Ronnies

Statue of Ronnie Barker outside the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre.

statue of Ronnie Barker in Aylesbury

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