Episode Ninety One – “Have you heard of our Lord and Savior…”


A group find themselves unexpectedly deified, long before hitting the level when that’s supposed to occur.  What did they do to deserve this accolade, and can they live with their future selves?

The quarry of determined pan-dimensional agent tries to throw them off the scent by making them the focus of this reality’s premier religion.

A gaggle of cultists attempt to get their unwilling messiah to accept the mantle of “Eldritch Chosen One”.

Everyone knows the name of the savior of the world, but no-one knows what they did or how they accomplished it.  Dare you find out?  Has the world saving actually happened yet?

In the wasteland left behind after the collapse of civilisation, one deranged cult based upon a niche podcast thrives due a single important point of difference;  Not being arseholes.



Podcast – The Gutter Skypes

Jesus and Buddha manga –  Saint☆Oniisan

Happy God or Wrathful God – Simpsons

We have a FaceBook!

Television – Red DwarfBack To Reality AKA “The Despair Squid episode.”

Trope – “It was all just a dream…”

Television – Sliders

Television – Doctor Who

Mandelbrot Set

Film – Time After Time (1979)

Curse of Fatal Death – Full Episode on the Red Nose Day Charity Youtube channel


RPG – TimeWatch by Pelgrane Press

RPG – Fiasco

RPG – Invaderz: Pocket Edition  – by Postmortem Studios – Review by 6d6RPGs   ( I’ve got mixed feeling about this one guys.  Postmortem also does  (quite a number of ) Gorean supplements.  If you don’t  know what that is, please tread carefully, in the name of all that is Craig-ly   ~ T. Jones )

Television – The Stonecutters

RPG – Pugmire

Puppers and Doggos

TV – Monkey  – Theme Tunes

A Canticle for Leibowitz

Legend of Monkey remake made in NZ

Running out of names – VSauce

Novel – Jennifer Government by Max Barry

False Memories and the Mandela Effect – A website created by Fiona Broome who coined the term in 2010   ( Weird, I’m sure I’d heard it before then? ~ T. Jones )

TV – Angel  (It actually finished in 2004, but that’s still too close a guess for Ben to be trusted.  You will know the Anti-Craig by his signs!  ~ T. Jones )

TV – The Expanse

RPG – Everyone is John

John 3:16

Trope – Cosy Catastrophe

Music Video – Men Without Hats  – Safety Dance

( “Sadly” the literal lyrics version appears to have been purged from the YouTube and other versions have been degraded to the point of the Lost Scriptures Of Man – again, please tread carefully, there are some things you cannot unsee.  ~ T. Jones )


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