Episode Ninety Two – “Can We At Least Get Through This Without It Being In All The Papers?”

Episode 92 - Can We At Least Get Through This Without It Being In All The Papers

Years ago, a group of apocalyptically powerful super-heroes & super-villains decided that all they were doing was making things worse for themselves & the world in general, so they went into hiding. When a great threat emerges, they reluctantly team up to deal with it, but are trying to do it on the down-low, so that nobody knows that they’re back.

When you’ve spent your time writing stories about fantastical terrifying things to drum up sales for your newspaper, how do you get people to believe you when there really is a threat?
Also, given that the threat in question IS the newspaper, how do you even get the word out?

Can We At Least Get Through This Without It Being In All The Papers? : The game of ever diminishing expectations.
A heist game where crime doesn’t pay.

A supervillain tries to get someone, anyone, to intervene & stop a pre-teen superhero before they get themselves killed.

Pictsies making their home in a roadside diner in the desert scurry into action when criminals on the run take hostages and settle in for a stand-off with the Law

Investigating foul play in the crushing depths of the Jovian atmosphere requires a purpose-built body to protect you. But it’ll only protect you from the physical environment; The factional backstabbing can be just as fatal.

Manchester Bombing

Love Actually


Silver Age Comics

Spirit of the Century
Dresden Files RPG
Fate Core

Rick Veich
Brat Pack

Watchmen (comic)

The Flash (1990)
Craig is probably remembering the “Ghost in the Machine” episode involving the vigilante Nightshade ~ T. Jones

Fate Accelerated Edition
Leverage RPG
Better Angels

Yellow Journalism

Fu Manchu
The Authority

Penny Dreadful

Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Came A Hot Friday

The Young Protectors (NSFW)
The Boys

The Great British Bake-Off
The Middleman

Wee Free Men

From Dusk Till Dawn

Eclipse Phase

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